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May 14, 2015 - Twispy

Cart Attendant more like slave

You know I found this site after they called me for the interview. I wanted to know what is like being cart attendant. I read some stories and I said to myself “Ehh it won’t happen to me” and boy I was wrong. They hire me in March of this year and I want to get out already. Wow where to start???

1. The freaking LOD and GSTL think you’re a slave and they could talk to you as if you were crap. One time one of them said something disrespectful that I just rolled my eyes. I don’t like being treated as crap. Even some of your fellow team members think they are your leader.

2. Some of the cart attendants don’t show up (can’t blame them) and you come to the store in a hurry And you’re by yourself. Thankfully I have some nice people from security that helps because one of them were cart attendant and know how is like. One of them is a dick because he says I’m slow and skinny. Like bro you’re fat of course you have more muscles and for a skinny guy give me some props. I’m able to push 15 and is tiring.

3. Speaking of security how come they have three of them and one cart attendant? They need to put more cart attendant especially in the weekends.

4. I hate being put as cashier because I hardly had training. That is why customers hate me when they see me as cashier

5. The target I work has a bottom parking lot for the store and a top parking lot for target and other stores which are far away from Target. People be leaving carts in Applebee’s which is so far from the store is ridiculous. The other thing is hard to get carts from the top parking lot because I have to take the carts to a little ramp in the other side of target and cars be rushing by me and then take them one by one in the elevator which are the customer’s elevator. One time both elevators and I had to take every customer’s bag upstairs to their car while there was no carts in the stores and I was by myself.

I just did the survey the other day and I hope Target sees what we go through. Thankfully I don’t have to clean the trash from the parking lots or clean bathrooms like in one of your testimonies. Anyways guys take care and stay strong because hopefully we get promoted with our hardwork. Please comment and keep this site going because the stories are funny and makes you feel good knowing you’re not alone

P.S I hate the freaking recycle machine


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  • viciousdave says:

    Well I'm not sure if all stores act like my leaders. But what they say about moving to another position is, "Well you go get really good at your current position than you can have a new position you wanna try and see if you like." Ummm, that bad business decision because someone who is a cashier could be better and faster at sales floor. They are so stupid there. IDK WTF there problem is, but there like no no it's my way always. Call Target help line, they say ow well we can't help you with that, too bad. Fuck target. I have hearing loss, I need to do something where it's not with people all day every second, so sales floor would be good for me cause you talk to people less. OMFG. Idiots at this store, the leaders are fucking so stupid they don't even understand health issues!

  • cartbitch69 says:

    I struggle with nearly every issues you struggle with besides the whole elavator bit. One time I was literally told to go clean up shit splatter off the wall in the women's restroom then when I asked for a raise (because I heard we were getting one much earlier and I felt I deserved it) I was interrogated and rudely told no and that I might not even get one now. Since then I have refused to even go into the bathroom until today when my dickhead LOD told me that I needed to do restrooms checks (pretty much or else). Its nice to here that another person feels like targets slave (or bitch boy as I like to call it )

  • brokencart says:

    I'm so glad I've never had to be a cart attendent. They treat you guys terribly, its so unfair. We only have one scheduled per day now if we're lucky. The other day I walked in and there were no carts just a bunch of guests standing around the entrance like the world was at an end.

  • cart attendant joseph says:

    Anyone else direct cars in the parking lot, because fat, short, single moms can't back up they're car worth a shit? *Starts backing up, pulls forward so they don't hit other cars, (not knowing they have 7 fucking feet of space) backs up, then forward again, and continues doing that 3 more times until they finally fucking leave.


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