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June 30, 2015 - Hate It

Super Target Cart Attendant

I’ve been reading topics here for quite some time now, and now I feel I want to express myself as well.

Note I’M only 17 and the other cart attendants are 16 and 17.  Other nights they have past cart attendants closing.

I’ve been at Super Target since October as a cart attendant and USED to cashier, but haven’t been scheduled at it in months.

Well today one of the GSAs and a HR person/GSTL decided to call me into an office and discuss what I did today.

What I did was sit on a bench for 5 minutes in shade outside due to being tired after pushing carts, carry outs, cleaning spills and restrooms, hangers and reshop, dumping hangers, backup cashiering for the past 7 hours working in over 90 degrees weather due to it being summer So that makes it even harder due to not having a cart pusher most of the time if the other cart attendant is using it on a busy day.

While talking they said it was being against the rules, which I understand, and can lead to termination and other consequences. They don’t understand how tiring this job is. On a weekend its always busy and with it most of the time only being 2 of us we’re always expected to do to be caught on everything I listed earlier, and thing is, they always tell us one thing and less than 5 minutes later Told to due something else.

The fact they’re insulting me, how I’M talking it, is in fact hurtful. They’re forgetting I’M the cart attendant who’s actually dumb enough to go out and get carts when it was literally a thunderstorm just to show them I care. I’ve worked in those storms plenty times being soaken wet and quite a few times as a result as doing So and I haven’t called out not once nor been late since being hired in October. I won’t even go deep into the foot injuries, leg injuries, a little leg chafing, heat sickness, and I sweat through my clothes a lot and ignore all the stares and sneak talk from others as well.

As far as all the other cart attendant topics, ITS TRUE. EVERYTHING. I wouldn’t work here if your position is gonna be cart attendant. Seriously. And the hours are horrible. We’re expected to do too much.

2 past cart attendants have also quit aswell due to unfair treatment and all of us feel as if we have no respect from them at all. Expecting me to clean someone else’s poop off the floor, wall and someone’s vomit? I’ve yet to do something self respecting like that cause I know I can find better somewhere. Doing that would be completely disrespecting myself as a person. I want respect as it was given.

Lets not forget the guest who will try to be helpful leaving carts by the door when I’M there but just walk away for me to turn around and see them rolling into the street Where cars stop at the stop sign Where it could hit them. Or when guest leave carts all piled up sloppy inside and then I’M being called to fix it when getting carts or doing another one of my hundred duties when the GSA GSTL or whatever the fuck their title is know they can help me out by ATLEAST doing that. Luckily I have a FEW team members helpful enough to do that for me. Guest also LOVE to leave trash in their carts. There’s always trash in the cart all the time and a diaper in the cart is the worst thing I could ever imagine.

And I want to also mention how the GSA GSTL whatever or rarely watching the front for cashiers who may need assistance with a guest or may not know how to do something or a Guess saying the price of an item is $100 less than what it says(which in some cases is true.) Due to them not watching when I’M inside I make sure if there’s a blinker flashing from the cashier to notify the GSAs myself that they need help since they can’t watch front end theirselves. There are only 3 of them who do their job and they’re the only 3 GSA / GSTL whichever it is that I have no problem with. SJ, Ash, and Mac.

And the weather jokes from guest….really? “Nearly 100 degrees it’s nice out to push carts isn’t it?” or when it was winter working in 20 degree; “nice weather we’re having. Such a nice day to be out here isn’t it?” And start laughing. Some guest are nice to tell me they appreciate what I’M doing and that it’ll get better and to not overwork myself.

Also know as one of the target slaves and “cart bitch” around here.

Thanks for reading.

-Super Target Smyrna TN.


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  • brendan4t says:

    This is the one position I honestly feel so bad for.

    In my previous job, people who got carts only got carts. Each person had their own specific role, and would maybe cashier when they were finished. Target will never understand how stressful it is. Unless you grab a STL stick them inside a bathroom that has been destroyed by some guest and ask them to clean it.... But by judging by the amount of money they make, they could just pay someone else to do it for them.

  • viciousdave says:

    Yeah they expect way too much. I've asked many questions over my 7 years now there. I said there was 4 people with there lights flashing, why didn't you help them, why isn't there at least 2 GSTLS on at the same time? She said the budget of the store just can't afford that much people on work at the same time. Yeah right bitch! They all think owe I get paid the most here so I can get away with not doing anything and just acting all smiley and have my girl talks with the other woman leaders and all the others get paid less and have to do more work than us. Well fuck Target, fuck them in the ass! This is not business, this is capitalism. Where's the equality in jobs anymore? It's gone forever because rich fucks are dumb fucks!

    • Hate It says:

      Spot on. They just don't understand it is. Today some other "team members" we're mentioning how I'M never in a good mood because I don't smile or whatever.... you shouldn't expect it with.everything they have me doing. Had to also do a carry out today in the storm because the lady didn't want to put her groceries in her car herself and had me get her an umbrella from guest service to avoid getting wet.


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