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July 22, 2013 - pushingredcartsblows

The Bulls-eye is nothing but Bullshit.

  • push carts
  • spill stations
  • clean bathrooms
  • fill bags
  • clean spills
  • trash
  • crc/salvage
  • hangers
  • vacuum entrance/exit
  • back up front lanes
  • carryout
  • assist guests on floor
  • collect strays
  • and any other side job a lod. ap. gstl. anyone without the title cart attendant pretty much
  • cart attendant shifts suck ass too you have worst hour starts 10-630 there goes my fucken day right?
  1.       Pushing carts blows there’s trash in about every single cart in the parking lot i find about 20 star bucks cups a day in carts about 5 dirty diapers oh and hey let me just pull a pair of fucking gloves out of my ass so i can get the diapers, uh no yeah fucking right. Melted  slur pees fucken suck especially when you don’t see them and you get them on your clothes. Gum on a hot summer day on my shoes yeah fuck you ill show you how it feels to chew 5 gum bitch. Dont forget about pushing carts in the rain that’s baby back bullshit and then you gotta dry them down yeah cuz i have all the time in the world bro.
  2. don’t even get me started on bathrooms i never knew that explosive diariah existed and ill tell you what you don’t wanna clean that up. I hate being a guy too cuz all the woman don’t give a fuck if they gotta go there gonna go they don’t give a fuck how long you’ve been waiting to clean. hit call buttons every hour i barley have time to get carts in the store with all the other bullshit. fuck you target you suck donkey dick. Oh and fuck bitches be dropping logs bigger than me hahaha >.< and bloody tampons man those are the worst makes me look down on woman i know your all not the same but a lot of them at my target are 😛
  3. all the fucken side jobs/ favors i answer every time and i say yeah but little do they know when that walkies goes off fuck you do that shit your self you lazy prick i once had guest service ask me for a cart a regular fucken cart. i was outside pushing carts in the far lot collecting carts from all over and this bitch cant get a cart literally 10 feet away wtf is this chicks problem noooooo god gave you feet bitch. and all the side jobs lods ap and what not ask for here’s a big f.u. man i got enough on my plate shit i got so much to write i don’t even wanna type this shit yo bottom line is cart attendant is a living hell you literally carry the whole store in your hands and if you slack off on one of your little jobs they get all butt hurt man ive done everything else chill out i got too much shit to do and to little time thye do treat you like a sack less fucking mule no lie! and for the pay of 8.65 after 3 fucking years fuck you target! you make me wanna not fucken grow up and jst go back to high school its time for a new job. and my punctuation blows because i haven’t attended collage for a while since i have crappy pay and pay for rent and car but overall target needs to fucken get there own fucken slaves on the real. all i did was go in to detail of 3 of the side jobs i do list goes on. and if target buys this site i hope all you bastards read this. have a nice day and don’t forget to apply for a red card and save 5 percent for your next visit to hell thank you 😉

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  • Chris. 349 says:

    You hit everything on the spot. From the dirty carts filled with trash because Targets "guests" think that they're trash bins. I loved the part about the bathroom. Don't forget how women stand there and rip up toilet paper and leave it on the floor.
    The side jobs part was good too. Don't you just hate it how "guests" say that they'll drive up to the store during a carry out and take the most stupid route, zigzaging in and out of isles?

  • cart attendant joseph says:

    THANK YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! Someone who understands the shit Cart Attendants gotta deal with, first off, bitches leaving Starbucks and ICEE's and shit diapers in carts, I catch them in the act of leaving their shit in carts and rolling them to the side of the road. Umm, bitch? The corral is 5 feet away from you and you do know carts are not trash cans, right? She says, "oh, well i'm in a hurry, plus, it's your job right? To clean out carts and roll them to the corral, that's why you're getting paid below minimum wage, right? " NO SLUT, I bring carts from outside to the inside! And I don't even know about y'all, but if I see any sort of trash in a cart like a half empty Starbucks cup or shit from other stores, I chuck them into the middle of the road, and people tell me that it's considered littering, UM, NO it's you're shit, you pretty much littered, carts aren't trash cans. So you can go pick that up your own damn self or shut the fuck up and move on.


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