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October 11, 2014 - Lara Schmidt

To all cart attendants

I saw how hard the CAs in my Target worked during the time I was there, so I helped them in every way I could.  I would corral stray carts and collect the overflow of shopping baskets at my register.  When they came to collect my hangers, I made sure I put the hanger bin on my checkout counter so that they didn’t have to bend down to get it.  When they handed me boxes of bags, I took the boxes from them and put them under my counter myself.  I yielded to them when they were maneuvering lines of carts.  There was so much witchiness in my store that I had to be nice to someone, so I chose to bestow goodness on them.  The CAs were always nice to me, so they deserved it.  Saying a prayer for them all that they will eventually find better gigs than Target.


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  • mrsirsir says:

    I know they get treated like shit. Whenever they call for shopping bags from backroom I push them up myself. That flat with bags are heavy. No joke. I try to help them as much as I can too.

  • Lara Schmidt says:

    CartMan, I'm glad to hear that you like your job and get treated nicely. I wish I could have said the same for the CAs at my store. I felt so bad for them. I can't understand why anyone would thumbs down my post. There must be people out there with no heart.

  • cart attendant joseph says:

    I only do things like this to one other Cart Att. only cause I feel sorry for him. He does everything old school. No cart machine, he does everything by hand, even on the busiest weekends, he always seems to keep up with carts, and I have to say, I am impressed, he's got this speech impediment and i'm pretty sure he's smart as hell, he never seems to have an attitude or ever get mad, he's just always happy, someone's in his way while pushing carts, he'll patiently wait for them with a smile on his face, shit, different story for me, I'm telling people to move and have an attitude and sometimes get on my phone and shit until they realize they are in my way. Fucking idiots.


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