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September 15, 2014 - pimpedbytarget

Recent Hire

I graduated in July this year, going to community college and needed a job. So, about a month ago I got hired at Target for backroom team member, I’ve had the old guard bitching at me how their hours were cut ( basically the management that hired me, are the new guys, the old management was fired for doing a shitty job, all the TL, LOD’s, ETL’s and STL) and they were pissed cause the new management isn’t what they like.  So far its going ok, I avoid the bullshit out on the floor cause I’m in the back, busting my balls, kissing ETL & TL ass (although both are great, TL works with us most of the time, and my etl – logistics – she’s really cool, hard worker — up to 60 hours a week, once from 3 am to 5 pm almost never takes lunch or break—-, since she’s got a lot of pressure on her to make sure things are good), anyways to get back —-  and never agreeing to go cashier or be crosstrained, fuck that shit, especially after reading the posts on here.

Seemingly if you do that, they’ll always start hounding you for more work.

Btw I noticed a gstl kept eyeing me like she wanted to criticize me or something, evil eye stare, I lol’d, bitch has nothing on me

the flow tl is a little cunt, I can hear her screaming at her team members in the morning when the truck comes, as I calmly pull my shit from the shelves, the TL usually spends those hours in his office if the pull isn’t too big. Sometimes when my etl and tl are off at the same time, she’s the lod back there and she bitches, so i turned around and pimp slapped the shit outta her chubby face

just kidding

I just agreed with her on everything, kissed ass, told her what she thought was a great idea and she fucked off, so now we can do our work in peace

Everybody is sour as fuck, probably the only job where the management is nicer (to me, anyways) than my own coworkers

people get pissed WAYy to easily, flow team assholes keep taking our 3 tiers, I went out grabbed one of the normal carts with some crap on it, removed it, and took it back for my pulls, 5 minutes later, this cunt comes over and starts screeching at me to “NEVER DO THAT AGAIN” even though I fucking apologized and offered to go get her some more goddam carts.

So yeah, so far I noted, avoid bs by doing your work but acting like you don’t give a fuck.

Feedback would be great, thanks guys.



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