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  • March 16, 2018 - carl300

    Why is target so stupid

    Current employee at target for almost 3 years my job is softlines/fitting room and now my store manager wants to get rid of carts which we use to put stray in from the service desk and take it to the fitting room so I can sort it. She wants too small z racks and had another team member rolling around and put stray away.

  • I’ve been working for Super Target for nearly a year, and the experience has been laughably atrocious.
    I can’t think of anywhere else to go with this because if I talk to HR they’ll just cut my hours so low I’ll be forced to find another job( and I need the income or I’m out of a home, the job market in Florida is scarce, you get the idea)  so here it goes.
    To say that management is negligent is putting it lightly. I could go on about every single experience I’ve had that’s crossed the line, but no one would read that so here’s a good example.

  • So I started working at target in August of 2015. Well I was pregnant with my son and they had me doing freight. I was having to unload the truck lift all the boxes and everything. I talked to the store director and seen if I could change to cashier. Well she let me. So everything was going good. Before I had my son they had me doing $ spot all day. So I go on maternity leave and I get back and they still have me doing $ spot. So I’m doing that and around August of 2016 they had me coming in when  freight would come in and stock $ spot and do the go backs.

  • March 10, 2018 - marleyman

    Pay abuse

    Why is it ok for a group of 6 to 12 members of management to take daily breaks for 30 to 45 minutes and tell us it’s a meeting when questioned? When I walk by and hear laughing and stories. Guests comment that there is no one on the floor to help because they are all up front having coffee. Isn’t this time clock fraud?


  • March 5, 2018 - Fury5

    Fuck JAL

    I have been working for Target for a little under 5 months. I work softlines, but “my” area is JAL (which, in my store, is lingerie, sleep, activewear, and accessories). When I started, there were two of us in JAL, now there is just me. I was trained by a coworker and not an LOD or TL. Fuck it, whatever. She taught me everything she knew and did the best she could. I survived Black Friday, I survived New Year’s, but swim season may just do me in.

  • March 2, 2018 - MadFormerTargetEmployee

    Stupid Management

    So I’m now a former employee of Target Store 1371 which is in Rock Hill, SC. I got fired because I didn’t show up for work three days in a row, which I was unconscious in a hospital having seizures and target fired me just a few days ago and they leave a voicemail on my phone and I don’t find out until I listen to it which is a few days afterwards.

  • February 24, 2018 - ossieeurkee

    Coworker requisitioned gift card for themselves

    A few weeks ago, I was visiting work, so that I could shop, a coworker that was really close to me had a gift card and let me borrow it. It wasn’t strange to me because they always let me borrow money and I would pay it back. So it turns out that this was the gift card they had stolen, and I had used my discount on it, so now I’m involved in all of this.

  • February 22, 2018 - Karly_rose

    Self checkout= fuck you

    So I’ve been at target for about over a year now, and I think it is time to leave.

    So, they ALWAYS have me at self checkout. I literally just stand there and do nothing for 8 hours a fucking day. I’ve asked to be moved, but they just wont. Apparently because I’m uncomfortable about asking people at self checkout for red cards. It just doesn’t feel right. When it’s not busy, i get a couple hand baskets and return them to the front. They scold at me because apparently they want me to be “100% guest orientated” how am I supposed to be guest orientated when theres literally no one there? I’m just trying to keep myself busy because standing in one place drives me nuts.

  • I guess I’m an oddity when I say that I like retail work. At least, in theory, I like retail work.

    I like working the register and helping customers. The problem is, I think I care too much about customers (or “guests”) to efficiently work at Target.

  • I was a Target employee over 2 years. Since I arrived LODS had their rushed non rushed employees. Their favorites the unrushed taking it chit chatting with their buddies and LODS as the rest of us worked , LODS rushing us with a sense of urgency. The non rushed slackers took advantage of their special treatment behaviors as if they are the best since the LODS treat them so . I did several complaints to LODS, HR and Coperate without anything resolved. I’m not at Target for my self worth, respect and sanity.

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