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  • About to hit a month of being brought on and already feel like I’ve been at this job for a decade. I can’t believe I ever thought this company was any good; their at Wizard of Oz level with making  the general public believe their honest and wholesome.

    I was actually  excited to start work. I thought that for once I was going to be at a job that I enjoyed and how awesome it was going to be able to save money and pay down my debt, go back to school.

    I am not a naive person, I consider myself a realist. But I was still smacked upside the head  with the level of fuckery at this job. I’ve worked retail for almost 15 years. I been in some real hell holes and again was taken aback.

  • 2 years back I joined Target trying to pay back my student loans. Stupid I know, but I was desperate and I just can’t image myself working in Walmart.

    Little did I know working as hardlines/salesfloor would literally DRAIN MY SOUL AWAY. This is my list of what I do on a daily basis:

  • September 23, 2019 - D@rrius_93


    This is going to be very long story about my experience working at the hell hole call Target.  Basically I was hired at Target for 4 years ago I was supposed to be part of the food Truck team. Well to be honest it wasn’t really a team and only consists of me, this dude name Danny, and this old guy named Fred. Like we was all cool with one another but the food trucks are on some morning was has really big and we went to our supervisors and tell them that you know this is too much work for all three of us so instead they never gave us any help and some people would help once they shift it was over and help but for like 30 minutes to an hour but I mean you know that’s at least it was something.

  • September 8, 2019 - JustMakingAnAccountToPostThis

    I quit my job today! My LOD’s reaction was unbelievable.

    I’m on mobile, so sorry for formatting (if that even applies?)

    I started working in target back about 3 months ago. This job was not intended to be permanent. AT ALL. I was applying for government jobs and by the grace of all that is holy finally got an interview and a job. I went to put in my two weeks today and my LOD told me she wanted to “check the schedule” two weeks ahead. At this point I’m confused but I let her check it. She then informs me that I work a Saturday that’s 2 weeks and one day from now. Confused again, I say “Ok, and?” She says I cannot quit because the schedule is already written, but not posted.

  • August 30, 2019 - park1998

    Finally fucking fed up

    Lets start from the beginning, shall we?


    So I started working at Target 1516 of July of 2018 in Softlines. At first it was great; I made a decent amount of friends, the management was laid back and I was getting above minimum wage. I left for LOA in September for school and returned for Black Friday.  Even though I’m softlines, they put me on register all day because they “double scheduled” me. It was my third time working register and the experience was awful. That should’ve been the first warning sign.

  • August 6, 2019 - sesame2345

    What does this mean?

    So I have about 2 weeks left of my probation period and things are going downhill.  They seem to be getting on to me about everything, more than anyone else.  Some of the other team members are noticing and they are starting feel bad/concerned for me.

    It was weird because before they started getting onto me the LODs were acting all overly nice to me.  Now, they seem to get onto me about every little thing and give me numerous tasks that I can’t  finish in time.  Apparently these weeks are the busiest weeks for the store so maybe that has something to do with it.

  • Hello again. I am 24 years old, and hate the fuck out of tarshit. I worked at the store T1175, in Fairfeild New Jersey. May I tell you something, if you hate shopping at Target, well then, YOU’RE GOING TO HATE TARGET EVEN MORE, IF YOU’RE WORKING THERE!!!

  • July 29, 2019 - Market sucks now

    Nearly 2 years of hell almost over

    First I would like to say I’ve read at least a hundred stories on here and comparatively my target is the “best”. My team is probably what helped me stay as long as I did. I’ve got to know almost everyone in the store. My old STL was so chill and great. But Tarshit fires the hard workers and replaces them with ass kissers who are assholes.

  • July 27, 2019 - outpost31

    Intro…..New Cashier

    Hello all!  Newish cashier here.    Things have been stressful since I started but have been able to deal with it.  Very limited training, bad training, and throwing me to the wolves way too early on cashier.     However we have a loss prevention guy who has an attitude and started to talk down to me when I first started.   Are loss prevention leads considered supervisors?    This guy got on my case the first week on cashier duties and passively aggressively accused me of being on my phone.  I am old school and hate my cell phone so never on it at work.    I had to take a few weeks off for a very bad family emergency but returning and wondering what at the best ways to handle these strong personalities?   Do I stand my ground and let them know I don’t take crap?   Will that get me in trouble if I do it in a nice way?    Do I just need to take his bullshit and try not to let it get to me?

  • In March of 2017 I officially became an employee of Target corporation in an unspecified location within FL with my tenure ultimately coming to a conclusion in July of 2017 as I was specifically hired a seasonal where I would rotate between working on the floor and registers you see.

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