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  • November 23, 2023 - pilott05

    I regret getting a job at this hellhole

    I’m a minor, just turned 17 a few weeks ago, and I recently made the mistake of getting a job of Target. I was warned not to work here but my dumbass did anyways, lesson learned. I thought I loved Target but holy fuck the moment I started working here I realised how shitty this place is. The first thing I noticed was how everyone else who works there is a lazy sack of shit, they do absolutely nothing but drink their Starbucks and hangout. I actually put effort into my work but still the people who do buttfuck nothing are praised more than I am. I have only met like three nice workers, the rest of the people are assholes. I’ve gotten dirty looks from random fuckers who I don’t even know, for absolutely no reason too. I mind my own business and just do my work and then get the hell out, but for some reason everyone there just has such a shitty attitude and give me their attitude for no reason. Nobody does shit here, leaving piles of work for me (and maybe like two other people who actually do stuff) to complete, especially reshop. The idiots who work at guest service just hang out the entire time, or they all go on break at the same time and leave the desk empty with a line of guests. I’ve found broken products and rotten groceries in the bins for reshop, which just brings me to my point about how disgusting this store is. There’s always nasty spills on the floor that nobody cares to clean up. The white floors of Target really bring out how gross the store is, if you look in the corners or where the floor meets the wall, you can see the brown gunk growing in this dirty ass store. Also the break room is always left a mess, every table has crumbs or food on it, the sink is nasty, and the floor is covered in food and stains. I fucking hate Target. And maybe this is just me, because I’m not sure if most places do this, but their 90 day rule is BULLSHIT. I am a music student with unorganised directors, I always have shit coming up or schedule changes but I can’t fucking change my availability. So I’m assuming I’ll be let go of at the end of the year or sooner (I was hired to work seasonal), despite actually putting care and effort into my work. I already had to leave my shift early once because I threw up in the bathroom, they seemed nice about it in the moment but I’m sure this will have some sort of negative effect on my reputation there. The hours and shifts at Target are bullshit, especially as someone in school, I don’t have the time or energy to spend my entire fucking day at Target. If the 90 day rule shit wasn’t a thing, everything would probably work out fine, but fuck attendance and fuck Target. I hope they let me go so I can work somewhere better, the sad part is that it hasn’t even been a month and I’m already fed up with this shit.

  • November 7, 2023 - Slytherclaw

    Employees ignore calls for assistance

    I needed to get some cough drops unlocked, since about 65% of stuff on the second floor of my local target is now under lock and key, only to have an employee walk right by me and blatantly ignore me after having rang for help. I waited a minute then rang again, the same employee walks by and ignores me, doesn’t even bother to say anything. This went on for almost 15 minutes before another customer who needed help in the same aisle chased the employee down and asked for help. The employee had been more interested in stocking shelves instead of helping customers get what they needed unlocked. What angers me, is that this unfortunately happens ALL THE TIME at this Target as well as any other store I’ve been to that has merch locked up here in Philadelphia.

  • it was halloween night and the store was pretty much dead, i work in cafe and was just chatting with some of my coworkers who work on the floor and someone from starbucks wanted their hat back that i gave to this girl, on my way to get it and give it back to starbucks,

    the closing night manager named “Craig” started walking over to us, maybe like 4 of us in a group standing at a register and he started yelling at us for standing and doing nothing. Keep in mind we all have our radios on us and not one person asked for assistance, i also did not work in the same department as any of them.

  • August 28, 2023 - TrickSnack85

    Rant about Working at Old Store

    Target was my first “real” job that I lasted in after graduating from university. I was grateful and humble at first because leadership was strong and there were a lot of good leaders/HR that kept things moving relatively smoothly.

    Unfortunately, things started to go badly around 2019 when modernization began and a lot of team members started to leave. Working at the front of the store, there was a GSTL that was lazy and drove a lot of team members to quit. She transferred from another department but she was working at that store for 20+ years so no one in the store’s leadership said anything to her due to seniority.

    Once covid hit, a couple of the HR team members that I had become close with retired, replaced by a fresh, out-of-college grad who was a bitch at times. She openly chastised team members in front of others and caused morale to tank badly. The worst though was the ETL of the front-end who I guess had been promoted from within. He was snide, and even more team members complained about him. Overall, things really became a shitshow and I’m so glad to be away from the toxic environment that became my old store.

    We got a new SD in 2019 (I think?) but he was one of the only good remaining leaders.

  • So I’m a minor and I’ve worked at target for a few months now. At first I thought it would be cool since I had never worked in retail before. I was heavily mistaken. Target requires every employee to have perfect attendance for the first 90 days after being hired and you can either get written up or fired if you miss a shift within that time period. I am currently 71 days into my job and i’ve already been mistreated. First off, the amount of safety hazards at target is unbearable. From old, broken, shaky ladders to having to constantly backstock dozens of 30 pound sparkling water cases (which doesn’t seem bad at first, but when you’re a minor and can’t operate a waive and have to climb up old unsafe ladders with one hand on the ladder and one arm holding the 3 pack case of sparkling water/other beverages, it’s more than unsafe)–(especially due to the ongoing 2-year long remodel which left even more backstocking for the entire store.) But for the funny part of the story, I am now on thin ice due to a “pattern of call offs”-before I get started, I have never been late, am always staying 20-30 mins past my shift to finish the work I was given (which is obviously too much for 4 hours and for a minor who has homework to do), and I have called off one time due to a false positive covid test. Today I was informed by a coworker that apparently I am on record for having 3 no call no shows during a vacation I had previously taken time off for 2 months in advance. When I looked at my schedule from that week, it showed that I wasn’t assigned at shift at all in the first place, but when I brought it to my leaders attention, I was told that it my time off wasn’t approved even though I remember requesting the time off WITH THE PERSON WHO MAKES THE SCHEDULES and even after she told me that it was approved and I was good to go, I am now hearing that it wasn’t approved and I am known as an unreliable employee. On top of all of this, today I came in early as I normally do around 11am and started my shift. I instantly ran into my team lead who told me that I was mistakenly scheduled today and there was no work for me to do. When I asked to leave, they said to clock out on paper since the machine wouldn’t let me do it. I am now being told that it is counting towards another call off since I LEFT WORK EARLY even known I WASNT SUPPOSED TO WORK THAT DAY IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! The leaders/managers/ETLS don’t give a fuck about you or your feelings. Don’t work at target. Please.

  • June 9, 2022 - Spongebuddy12

    Target’s expectations are unachieveable

    How does Target expect a person to do all push done, do price change, pull all batches, get shoes to a green zone, do go backs in a 4 1/2 hour shift?  We have no operator person so I have to hang product from guest service.

  • I’ve been at this job for about a year so way past 90 day probation and I’m cross trained in nearly every department (front end, GM, fulfillment, inbound, Starbucks) although they never trained me. Today I noticed I was being stared at. I thought I heard the director say something like “she was supposed to be fired but she’s here for coverage” to someone from corporate but I’m not even sure if he was talking about me or not. Then the woman from corporate nicely said hello to me and walked away. When I was leaving I also saw the manager look at me and tell the lady that works in HR that I’m coming to the office over the phone. Instead of going there I went to the bathroom for a few minutes before I clocked out. Less than five minutes later, I went to clock out and HR was not there and I was not fired but that was definitely bizarre. Not sure why they would keep asking me if you finished my training all day long if I was being fired either. They’ve definitely been very shitty in terms of communication so I have no idea what’s going on and this is becoming extremely annoying to me because if they were going to fire me, I would’ve preferred they got it done today instead of wasting everyone’s time tomorrow. I even waited a minute to see if HR would come out and no one did so I don’t have to waste my time coming in tomorrow if I am but then left. When I left I checked and I’m still on the schedule and can login to workday. Does this mean I’m being fired?

  • March 16, 2022 - StaNDBtL

    Set up for failure…

    So, I haven’t had too much experience with working at Target. Even though I started back in December asking for a 20-25 hour work week, they put me up for working 1 day of the week for only 7-8 hours. Though recently, it seems they cut that to only 4 hours! What fun! So I work in fulfillment/OPU. Trying to find items around the store is a great way to pass the time.
    But then comes the part where you can’t find an item. After looking at the information page off the item number lands mixed results. Sometimes an item that’s said to be in stock or isn’t or vice versa. But before you INF an item, you simply MUST call for a team leader to confirm the item isn’t found. Whether I have bad luck or I just suck at my job sometimes I have around 2-3 INFs on me orders for 25-30 item shipments.

  • I had this story come to mind late at night.

    It was a normal shitty day as a Cart Attendant in the summer of 2012 and I was trying to bring in a load of carts but I noticed the lanes I took to bring in the carts were blocked by police cars

    In fact, there were police cars all over the parking lot. Maybe 2 at each entrance. I radio on channel 1, the main channel, that I cannot bring in the carts due to the amount of police in the way. They finally give me way to get the carts in and I saw that they were there to arrest 2 elementary age black kids for shop lifting. I kid you not.

    Later, my LOD came all the way out to the back end of the parking lot where I was just to get in my face about possibly scaring the guests by talking about that on the main channel. What was I supposed to do? I was doing my due diligence by communicating the delay. And any guest would have come out and saw that there were cops everywhere. They are being stupid. My feelings weren’t hurt I was just appalled by her stupid thought process.

  • September 16, 2021 - jcc2022

    My Brief Time @ Target: Honest & Uncut

    When lines were crossed to the point of no return during my 14 years as an employee at Walmart, I decided in late 2020 to throw caution in the wind and apply for brand new employment elsewhere.
    Among the few places I applied, one of them was Target.
    I’d always been warned that working for Target and shopping at Target are two different experiences. Despite the few warnings I received from people, I accepted the interview when it was granted to me, as well as the job offer after the interview.
    I was also told that very unbelievable things such as Target being notorious for their very shady behavior towards their employees, particularly minorities.
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