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  • June 9, 2022 - Spongebuddy12

    Target’s expectations are unachieveable

    How does Target expect a person to do all push done, do price change, pull all batches, get shoes to a green zone, do go backs in a 4 1/2 hour shift?  We have no operator person so I have to hang product from guest service.

  • I’ve been at this job for about a year so way past 90 day probation and I’m cross trained in nearly every department (front end, GM, fulfillment, inbound, Starbucks) although they never trained me. Today I noticed I was being stared at. I thought I heard the director say something like “she was supposed to be fired but she’s here for coverage” to someone from corporate but I’m not even sure if he was talking about me or not. Then the woman from corporate nicely said hello to me and walked away. When I was leaving I also saw the manager look at me and tell the lady that works in HR that I’m coming to the office over the phone. Instead of going there I went to the bathroom for a few minutes before I clocked out. Less than five minutes later, I went to clock out and HR was not there and I was not fired but that was definitely bizarre. Not sure why they would keep asking me if you finished my training all day long if I was being fired either. They’ve definitely been very shitty in terms of communication so I have no idea what’s going on and this is becoming extremely annoying to me because if they were going to fire me, I would’ve preferred they got it done today instead of wasting everyone’s time tomorrow. I even waited a minute to see if HR would come out and no one did so I don’t have to waste my time coming in tomorrow if I am but then left. When I left I checked and I’m still on the schedule and can login to workday. Does this mean I’m being fired?

  • March 16, 2022 - StaNDBtL

    Set up for failure…

    So, I haven’t had too much experience with working at Target. Even though I started back in December asking for a 20-25 hour work week, they put me up for working 1 day of the week for only 7-8 hours. Though recently, it seems they cut that to only 4 hours! What fun! So I work in fulfillment/OPU. Trying to find items around the store is a great way to pass the time.
    But then comes the part where you can’t find an item. After looking at the information page off the item number lands mixed results. Sometimes an item that’s said to be in stock or isn’t or vice versa. But before you INF an item, you simply MUST call for a team leader to confirm the item isn’t found. Whether I have bad luck or I just suck at my job sometimes I have around 2-3 INFs on me orders for 25-30 item shipments.

  • I had this story come to mind late at night.

    It was a normal shitty day as a Cart Attendant in the summer of 2012 and I was trying to bring in a load of carts but I noticed the lanes I took to bring in the carts were blocked by police cars

    In fact, there were police cars all over the parking lot. Maybe 2 at each entrance. I radio on channel 1, the main channel, that I cannot bring in the carts due to the amount of police in the way. They finally give me way to get the carts in and I saw that they were there to arrest 2 elementary age black kids for shop lifting. I kid you not.

    Later, my LOD came all the way out to the back end of the parking lot where I was just to get in my face about possibly scaring the guests by talking about that on the main channel. What was I supposed to do? I was doing my due diligence by communicating the delay. And any guest would have come out and saw that there were cops everywhere. They are being stupid. My feelings weren’t hurt I was just appalled by her stupid thought process.

  • September 16, 2021 - jcc2022

    My Brief Time @ Target: Honest & Uncut

    When lines were crossed to the point of no return during my 14 years as an employee at Walmart, I decided in late 2020 to throw caution in the wind and apply for brand new employment elsewhere.
    Among the few places I applied, one of them was Target.
    I’d always been warned that working for Target and shopping at Target are two different experiences. Despite the few warnings I received from people, I accepted the interview when it was granted to me, as well as the job offer after the interview.
    I was also told that very unbelievable things such as Target being notorious for their very shady behavior towards their employees, particularly minorities.
  • July 18, 2021 - kitkat

    Target is the worst

    This happened hours ago but let me first say I have been at target for four years while in school and our store recently just got a new manager or should I say store director and it has all been downhill from there. My first three years at target were amazing awesome manager over soft lines which is the department I worked in great coworkers and overall good atmosphere very willing to work with my schedule. However like I said a new manager or store director has taken over and completely turned the store upside down. Fitting rooms opened after Covid which we were completely understaffed for reshop was insane and nobody was able to keep up. This led to a lot of good workers quitting and leaving only a few people that would actually do their job. We are a smaller store and a very tightknit group so we do become chatty every once in a while but we always normally get our work done. Today I was working out a metro and I had a coworker come up to tell me she’s going on her break I then saw the store director approached us and get onto us for talking while on the floor. This is not the first time this is happened he treats us like we should be robots and not speak to one another at all. After this incident I was told that I could finish up metro and leave. He then pulled me into the office and completely got onto me about how I had clocked in three minutes late when there are other girls that call in multiple days or are much later than I am daily. Like I said I’ve been at this company for four years and never have gotten onto or talked about my attendance or my work ethic but today that’s all he could mention about me I felt completely attacked and he wouldn’t let me get even a word in. So I kindly walked out the door. Not to mention I had asked off for three weeks in advance for the Fourth of July edit got denied and when I approached my manager about it she mentioned how we’ve had too many requests off that day and we’re not gonna have really anybody to work so I must work that day I came in and we were almost fully staffed all day but she conveniently was the only one not working. #DoneWithTarget

  • July 4, 2021 - estan1001

    Fuck Target

    Been working at Target for 2 years now. Started as a cashier, did self checkout, then guest service, and drive ups/pickups as well as flexible fulfillment. I have a lot of problems with target but one of them is how little they care for their employees. At my target many people have been quitting because the way they treat us like criminals and have unrealistic expectations for us is ridiculous.

    The past year (2020) has been the hardest year for a lot of people. For me, my days at target included coming in, finding out no GSTL was there, having to run the front myself (as a 19 year old working his first job), write breaks, do both drive ups and returns by myself at the same time, close every register in the store on my own, and go home later than i was supposed to. As someone with no leader training OR pay, this was a huge burden on me. I know i should have not helped out as much as i did but it was either that or watch the front fall apart.

  • First off, thank you to whoever made this, and for all of the wonderful posts, seeing what I saw. An absolute shit company, run by greedy, unintelligent Neanderthals, but I digress.

    I was hired as a closing team leader. I was there for two years. From what I was told it was a fairly new position, and one the store hadn’t had before. At first they wanted me to train at a neighbor store. I guess I understand that to a certain extent, but I assume every store, and every STL run it differently. So having me train with someone I won’t ever see, and at a store that isn’t my home store seems a bit counterintuitive.  Like with most posts I’ve read the early stages weren’t bad. Things seemed to be going somewhat well. However, as a closing team leader I was essentially the STL when he, or the etl’s weren’t there. (we only had 2 at my store etl HR/ETL GM/food) I had to do wayy more than I was capable with the team I had (basically no one) nor was I paid for all the work I did. The same shit everyone else on here knows about. There were many days that contributed to it, but I can remember one in particular. Fulfillment was blowing up (what else is fucking new?) so I needed to jump into flexes, and normal batches. So I’m busting my ass trying to get us caught up on flexes, because of course the workers they hired were terrible, and useless, and what do I see as I’m taking the order to drop off? BOTH OF MY GSTL’S AND TWO CASHIERS HAVING A FUCKING PICNIC AT SCO. So no one knows me, but I’m someone who doesn’t take that shit, and I will say something. Not trying to be cool, or brag, just how I am, fuck that kind of shit. So I go to my ELT HR and of course as many have already written, she was no fucking help at all.

  • The following takes place 3/9-5/19/2021 this is my time line of events along with 2 emails

    Week1 3/8/orientation day
    Week1 3/9-12 4 half shifts
    W2 3/15-19 first full shifts doing well
    W3 3/22-24 work as normal. After work that night I find out my brother passes away by hanging himself
    Week3 3/25 go into work crying telling my managers my brother passed away I get sent home got greaves and to be with family. Leave work early on the 25th
    W4 Out of work on the 26-31 to deal with my brothers death my time was approved and paid for!
    W5 Finish the work week on the 4/1-2

  • May 10, 2021 - myobeselife

    I felt like I lost myself

    I worked at Target for about 3 years. I started as a hardlines tm, busted my ass, did good work. My TL’s loved me and always hyped me up for moving forward and making a career of it. I decided to join on with the over night crew to help with our store remodel and near the end of that I was approached about becoming a GSA when I moved back to day time. It came with a tiny little raise so I went for it. During that year as a GSA I made a lot of friends at the store and was able to learn and do a lot. Got little prizes from the SD and HR ETL for hard work and getting things running smooth. We had an absolutely wonderful front end ETL at the time and we all loved her. She was hated by the other ETL’s and the SD at the time. Eventually they were able to get rid of her, I dont know the reason why, and replaced her with one of their little fake clones.

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