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March 16, 2022 - StaNDBtL

Set up for failure…

So, I haven’t had too much experience with working at Target. Even though I started back in December asking for a 20-25 hour work week, they put me up for working 1 day of the week for only 7-8 hours. Though recently, it seems they cut that to only 4 hours! What fun! So I work in fulfillment/OPU. Trying to find items around the store is a great way to pass the time.
But then comes the part where you can’t find an item. After looking at the information page off the item number lands mixed results. Sometimes an item that’s said to be in stock or isn’t or vice versa. But before you INF an item, you simply MUST call for a team leader to confirm the item isn’t found. Whether I have bad luck or I just suck at my job sometimes I have around 2-3 INFs on me orders for 25-30 item shipments. So just call over a team leader right? That is protocol after all!

Would be easy except for more times than not whenever I call INF no one responds. And before I call INF, if an item isn’t in my line of view I return to it later for a more in depth search of where the item is supposed to be. My favorite part is finding all of the beauty products. Where it says we have over 15 stock of one item but they aren’t in the position it tells me to go. Or sometimes it’s nowhere near the area it tells me to go! Because relying on my team leaders is basically useless, I’ve set up a system for almost all INFs. If someone isn’t there stocking up items, I look in the back area to see if the items might be stocked on the shelves. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. Then I look back at the area for a second time to see if it might be misplaced. If it’s not there then I INF it.

Another great part is how certain clothing can be scanned by the RFID gun and others for some baffling reason DON’T allow you to search for it on the gun. Even if the item is supposedly on display that shouldn’t mean that the item you’re looking for will be there at all times! Since people can buy them all out before you even get there. And since my store is huge, most of the time means the clothing I’m looking for are in the basement because people haven’t moved them up.

Honestly, I feel if all items could be tracked by the RFID gun would make searching a hell of a lot easier instead of trying to look in the back rooms hoping the item might be found there. But if the leaders would simply respond to my calls then that wouldn’t be a problem in the first place! I just gave up at trying to call for a team leader. They rarely respond. I’m aware they might be busy. But busy almost every time I ask for help? Which even when I started was maybe 1 time maybe 2 a shift. Something tells me that since I have to INF a bunch is probably why I’m not given more hours. I’ve spoken to the TL about this very issue and hasn’t really helped out my case. He says to call for him if I need help but since I started working one day of the week, it’s one of the days he hasn’t been working.

Not to mention a smaller problem which I can say I take partial blame for, but this job can also be pretty lonely. I have social anxiety when it comes to trying to talk with people, so socializing is difficult for me unless the person starts the conversation instead of me talking to them. But everyone seemingly has their friend groups and don’t really try to be open to newcomers. Again, I’ll probably have to man up at some point but, man I thought I’d have some work friends right about now. So far…no.

Lastly. Calling out is also a crap shoot. I swear to God they hang up more than try to pick up the phone and answer questions. I’ve only called out a handful of times, one of which was because of covid. And I had to look up how to call out on the internet, which I was scolded for because I didn’t do it properly. Whoever answers the phones needs a better attitude. But they probably hate their job just as much as I do. But don’t be an asshole for me trying to do the right thing!

So yeah. Maybe I can’t do my job right. If I’m a dumbass then I can accept blame for all of this. But if some people agree with me, then I’d like to hear what you have to say.


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