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April 30, 2023 - bruhbrouv


So I’m a minor and I’ve worked at target for a few months now. At first I thought it would be cool since I had never worked in retail before. I was heavily mistaken. Target requires every employee to have perfect attendance for the first 90 days after being hired and you can either get written up or fired if you miss a shift within that time period. I am currently 71 days into my job and i’ve already been mistreated. First off, the amount of safety hazards at target is unbearable. From old, broken, shaky ladders to having to constantly backstock dozens of 30 pound sparkling water cases (which doesn’t seem bad at first, but when you’re a minor and can’t operate a waive and have to climb up old unsafe ladders with one hand on the ladder and one arm holding the 3 pack case of sparkling water/other beverages, it’s more than unsafe)–(especially due to the ongoing 2-year long remodel which left even more backstocking for the entire store.) But for the funny part of the story, I am now on thin ice due to a “pattern of call offs”-before I get started, I have never been late, am always staying 20-30 mins past my shift to finish the work I was given (which is obviously too much for 4 hours and for a minor who has homework to do), and I have called off one time due to a false positive covid test. Today I was informed by a coworker that apparently I am on record for having 3 no call no shows during a vacation I had previously taken time off for 2 months in advance. When I looked at my schedule from that week, it showed that I wasn’t assigned at shift at all in the first place, but when I brought it to my leaders attention, I was told that it my time off wasn’t approved even though I remember requesting the time off WITH THE PERSON WHO MAKES THE SCHEDULES and even after she told me that it was approved and I was good to go, I am now hearing that it wasn’t approved and I am known as an unreliable employee. On top of all of this, today I came in early as I normally do around 11am and started my shift. I instantly ran into my team lead who told me that I was mistakenly scheduled today and there was no work for me to do. When I asked to leave, they said to clock out on paper since the machine wouldn’t let me do it. I am now being told that it is counting towards another call off since I LEFT WORK EARLY even known I WASNT SUPPOSED TO WORK THAT DAY IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! The leaders/managers/ETLS don’t give a fuck about you or your feelings. Don’t work at target. Please.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    That's why username is what it is.

  • viciousdave says:

    Wow what a screwjob they did to you. She said ok, come back late for job time? They can't even handle time. Time for them to hire someone more serious and less of a social haha person.


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