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Archives / February 2023

  • February 1, 2023 - viciousdave

    Update of my own

    I thought I’d post something as it’s been a month since a post on here. I have not been back to a Target store since I got fired in 2016. Target can suck it. I remember being there and sometimes they wouldn’t even give a full break of 15 minutes. Now the half hour it became a new law in about 2014 or so that we have to clock out a lunch break and than clock back in. Oh man that really sucked. And because of that we had to be at work 8 1/2 hours. Full day shift anyway. But yes I left target way behind. Now I just go to walmart. It’s prices are cheaper by $2 to $4 dollars.

  • May 2, 2021 - viciousdave

    I rarely if ever go to target anymore

    I went to target a month ago to buy t shirts and look at some video games.  Other than that I don’t go to target very much at all anymore. I’m on SSI and I got fired from target 4 years ago. 2016 end of year. After working there for a long time I go to walmart and cub and bestbuy. Target is like a never place I go other than maybe once a year. I love the color red, it’s just target is really IMABIGOT and I’ll never forget them firing me. If they hired me back at a different store I’ll see how it is.  But being 90% deaf as I am, I bet they wouldn’t.

  • June 22, 2019 - viciousdave

    Heard about target weekend loss

    As a former employee I can tell you right now what the problem is based upon pictures and news.  When I worked at target they had windows xp in 2009.  Later on in 2014 they finally upgraded to Windows 7.  I’m thinking that registers refused to work because microsoft kept sending Windows 7 will end support on January 4th 2020.  So yeah, because target is so far behind on windows, that’s the biggest reason why there register systems didn’t work.  So target, upgrade to windows 10 already!  Get your IT guys in the server rooms stat!

  • December 10, 2016 - viciousdave

    I got fired

    I went to work today at target, showed up, clocked in, than I was taken to talk to.  I found out I was fired.  This sucks as I’m 75% deaf, so it’s hard to get any job at all.  But at the same time I’m relieved of the stress and anxiety that job gave me.

  • I have a symptom of sleep disorder.  No doctor has ever found the reason why I am so tired all the time.  I call into my job maybe twice a month because I’m just too tired to be moving everyday.  Leader ETL talks to me for 20 minutes today.

  • December 20, 2015 - viciousdave

    tarshit won’t recognize my health problems

    I have had a lot of health problems within my life, so most recently I lost a lot of hearing.  75% hearing loss, and I can only hear out of one ear with the low 75% hearing loss, other deaf forever.  So I got that fixed somewhat by a audiologist to raise hearing aids to the max level, so I can hear a lot better but I have tinnitus ringing fuzzy of voice, music, and anything else.

  • September 15, 2015 - viciousdave

    Self checkouts are coming in

    That’s right folks, new self check outs are coming in to Target stores.  Right now at my store we are just waiting for the technician guys to come in and put in the self checkouts, there’s gonna be four of them that replace where we use to have 4 express lanes.  Oh what a great deal right?  

  • May 1, 2015 - viciousdave

    Good raise

    Sorry to break the bad news, there is tons of bad news at my store still and bullcrap.  However I just got my review and it’s true, all Target team members are getting a $9.00 an hour minimum wage now.  However, if you are already a team member than you will get $9.00 on your review plus what your raise is.  For instance with me I had $8.67, instantly up to $9.00 plus 0.18 cents raise makes me now get $9.18 every hour I work.  I’m glad for it but I still don’t like the job really other than seeing the usual same people everyday.  So rather a bad update like always this is a good one.

  • February 14, 2015 - viciousdave

    I will quit soon

    Why? Well because I’ll be moving and I don’t drive because of health reasons I have.  I’ve been working for Target for over 6 years now.  As usual for most people it started out good years ago when  I started and then turned into shit.  I’ve also had a lot of bad health problems of new brain tumor benign and hearing loss but not deaf while working at Target.  I also hate how the GSTLs always go did you ask for red card, always ask for red card every guest.  But I’m so use to the job that leaving is like ah crap now I have to learn something new at a new job I have to find.  I am getting a hearing aid tomorrow but as I’ve said I got so use to the job it’s gonna be hard moving on to another job.  I’ll be overall glad to quit though as GSTLs crap, guest crap on coupons no no why can’t I use more, you messed up on my Wic check, blah blah.  You didn’t get the right stuff or you didn’t put the right stuff in the forward position so I could see it to put it on the WIC check you poor sap!  I might have to get SSD or SSI anyway with my tumor and ear problem, I can only hear out of one ear and now I have tinnitus plus the loss of hearing so the hearing aid won’t do much help but some.  Overall I posted this to say fuck Target I’ll soon be quitting after I return next week of getting my hearing aid. 

  • April 24, 2014 - viciousdave

    Review of bull

    I got a review, it was ok, surprising as we usually have always done reviews in May at my store but not this year.  I got a 13 cent raise.  They said I’m good at helping guests and staying working and being on time and telling about stock reported from guests and other issues.  They said I’m not good at selling off a good vibe like selling the red card and all the application and savings stuff to people.  Oh and now, we have to accept expired coupons, what?  Really?  Target now supports thieves, crime, and steeling.  She said if a guests complains that some items are suppose to get a $5 dollar card, just give it to them, if a guests thinks something is cheaper, just change it.  WTF?  Seriously?  I’m not for the business of Target, but what Target is doing is pure crime, theft, and allowing people to literally steel and have free money.  13 cents though, nothing much.  I hate the job, but really this is the highest pay I have ever gotten in my life.  $8.67 an hour is the most I’ve ever gotten.  I’m planning to quit as soon as I find another job though because people are the ones who really piss me off with there freeloading gimme gimme free stuff minds at my store.