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December 20, 2015 - viciousdave

tarshit won’t recognize my health problems

I have had a lot of health problems within my life, so most recently I lost a lot of hearing.  75% hearing loss, and I can only hear out of one ear with the low 75% hearing loss, other deaf forever.  So I got that fixed somewhat by a audiologist to raise hearing aids to the max level, so I can hear a lot better but I have tinnitus ringing fuzzy of voice, music, and anything else.  So that went better, but for a long time I’ve had extreme fatigue from a brain benign tumor.  Anxiety is a major cause of extreme fatigue as the heart pumps very fast when anything becomes uncomfortable, frightening, or a sudden yelling happens, and for me that along with strangers that go into a store.  So I said today please for my health reasons don’t make me do cashier anymore as it causes anxiety which causes fatigue.  They said no that doesn’t matter, you have to be great at it, we hired you for cashier, why would you have problems now?  I’ve had them a long time, it’s just you leaders weren’t here a long time ago when I was still here.  They still say well that’s too bad, when something anxiety like happens to you, just turn on your light on for a GSTL to come over and help.  Again, they are not understanding the health issue with anxiety, it causes fatigue, and along with that a rush of the heart which can be bad at any given time.  So they don’t care about my brain or my heart of the health of me, oh no it’s all target way, you don’t matter Dave.  This has been going on with leaders for 5 years out of my 7, different leaders every 2 years and some maybe 1 year or only 6 months, so I have to explain it again and again and every single time they all say “I’m sorry but we can’t do anything about that, you applied here for this job, just remember we can help if a guest gets angry.”  HUH  WTF?  This isn’t about tarshit, this is about my health you [IAMANIGNORANTBIGOT]!  So clearly now target doesn’t care about my health or anybodies.  I have too many health problems but they do nothing.  I’m gonna grab my thick hat and be a cart pusher until I move and finally I’ll get a new job.


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  • Cytotoxin says:

    I can relate, well somewhat. I have a hard time hearing, I am by no means deaf from the left or right ear but I do feel like my hearing capabilities have diminished ever so slightly yet greatly as well as my eye sight. I used to have prefect vision up until about 2 years ago. I started noticing a great difference. What used to be clear from 30+ feet was now a bunch of undeciferable shit. Well anyways back to my hearing.

    I was pushing carts (high five fellow cart attendant) and when I dropped them off, the GSTL asked me if my walkie was ON. I said yes. He replied, you need to hear better. It actually caught me off guard, because I like that GSTL. He helps me when Im struggling to get carts, but hearing those words come out of his mouth pissed me off. I don't think they realize that we work alongside cars. Cars that have loud ass exhausts/Rev for no reason. Cars that have blaring music that will leave you deaf after 10 min. Cars that speed down the parking lot at 40 MPH when you're supposed to go 10. As well as having 2 major cross streets just in front of the store. None of that helps with hearing out for "Cart Attendant, do you copy?". Chances are it's for something stupid anyways.

    • viciousdave says:

      Sounds like you are getting a slight form of tinnitus. Sometimes it can be ringing in the ears, and for some like you it's just you are able to hear but if not close it's I ne th tha a tha bla bla th fuh dah.


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