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April 24, 2014 - viciousdave

Review of bull

I got a review, it was ok, surprising as we usually have always done reviews in May at my store but not this year.  I got a 13 cent raise.  They said I’m good at helping guests and staying working and being on time and telling about stock reported from guests and other issues.  They said I’m not good at selling off a good vibe like selling the red card and all the application and savings stuff to people.  Oh and now, we have to accept expired coupons, what?  Really?  Target now supports thieves, crime, and steeling.  She said if a guests complains that some items are suppose to get a $5 dollar card, just give it to them, if a guests thinks something is cheaper, just change it.  WTF?  Seriously?  I’m not for the business of Target, but what Target is doing is pure crime, theft, and allowing people to literally steel and have free money.  13 cents though, nothing much.  I hate the job, but really this is the highest pay I have ever gotten in my life.  $8.67 an hour is the most I’ve ever gotten.  I’m planning to quit as soon as I find another job though because people are the ones who really piss me off with there freeloading gimme gimme free stuff minds at my store.


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  • disgusted says:

    Nothing is more true or exactly "on the ball" then the stories that hit the website here today.

    The ONLY thing that will make things change at all at tarshit, is for people to stop spending money there. Until this happens,, the bullshit will continue and gregg and his cronies in Minneapolis will just keep raking in the green stuff and laughing. everyone must stop spending money at tarshit, it is the only language these morons understand.

  • jl_s says:

    I hate that. I hate how we are suppose to just give the guest basically things for free. No! Ugh.


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