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February 14, 2015 - viciousdave

I will quit soon

Why? Well because I’ll be moving and I don’t drive because of health reasons I have.  I’ve been working for Target for over 6 years now.  As usual for most people it started out good years ago when  I started and then turned into shit.  I’ve also had a lot of bad health problems of new brain tumor benign and hearing loss but not deaf while working at Target.  I also hate how the GSTLs always go did you ask for red card, always ask for red card every guest.  But I’m so use to the job that leaving is like ah crap now I have to learn something new at a new job I have to find.  I am getting a hearing aid tomorrow but as I’ve said I got so use to the job it’s gonna be hard moving on to another job.  I’ll be overall glad to quit though as GSTLs crap, guest crap on coupons no no why can’t I use more, you messed up on my Wic check, blah blah.  You didn’t get the right stuff or you didn’t put the right stuff in the forward position so I could see it to put it on the WIC check you poor sap!  I might have to get SSD or SSI anyway with my tumor and ear problem, I can only hear out of one ear and now I have tinnitus plus the loss of hearing so the hearing aid won’t do much help but some.  Overall I posted this to say fuck Target I’ll soon be quitting after I return next week of getting my hearing aid.  I never expected my health to get this bad or to move finally after 5 years of where I am, but I am because along with my bad health I’ve had to live with my mother forever.  She doesn’t mind though as my health is just bad so that I can not drive.  So we help each other out.  In the end I will be glad I don’t have to work at Target anymore when I move later in April this year.


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  • rainprincess64 says:

    Training for a new job and getting used to it sucks. I'm sorry to hear about your medical issues getting in the way of your ability to do work. I'm glad you're finally able to leave this God forsaken place one way or another. Tarshit doesnt deserve anyone's loyalty.

  • Silverfox says:

    ok since you find training for a new job is sucky. And Tarshit is shitty. How about working at a competitor of Tarshit? Like costco if there's one near where you next move to. 😉


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