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May 1, 2015 - viciousdave

Good raise

Sorry to break the bad news, there is tons of bad news at my store still and bullcrap.  However I just got my review and it’s true, all Target team members are getting a $9.00 an hour minimum wage now.  However, if you are already a team member than you will get $9.00 on your review plus what your raise is.  For instance with me I had $8.67, instantly up to $9.00 plus 0.18 cents raise makes me now get $9.18 every hour I work.  I’m glad for it but I still don’t like the job really other than seeing the usual same people everyday.  So rather a bad update like always this is a good one.


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  • Silverfox says:

    Are they trying to disguise that as a 50 cent raise? Good that they actually did it but they probably wouldn't have had it not for outside pressure.

    lol I half wonder if Target left Canada because most of the provinces raised the min wage across the board affecting target's payroll, so they left rather than give raises. Surprised they are actually going though with it instead of declaring bankruptcy and leaving again.

  • tpcstudios says:

    If this is your first year at Target, congrats. If not, you just got screwed. For team members that have been there two years or longer, they should get an adjustment because the raise is based on a percentage and if everyone got adjusted to $9.00, then their percentage would have been higher. Not to mention that fall team members, at the store I was at, started off at $8.00 regardless of experience. Those whom are at or over the $9.00 mark, which equates to around the three year mark, are now getting paid the same as someone that is brand new. So, if they don't take care of everyone, everyone should quit an truly show them how much the team members feel appreciated.

    • viciousdave says:

      I've been there 7 years now. I started at $7.50 and got 25 cents for my first review, the best I've ever gotten. Than after, 15 cents, a 10 cent a 8 cent, a 5 cent, and whatever else, and now I got 18 cent raise on top of the $9.00 new wage. Which is good to me because at my store 25 cents is the highest you can get every year. Just wish I contined to get 25 cents every year like my first year I did.

  • rage says:

    Just wait until minimum wage goes up. When I first started about 7 years ago I was making about $3 above min. wage as a TM. Min. wage kept going up, but my pay stayed the same. Now it's about $1 above min. wage. Fuck this useless company!

  • daisy says:

    Target is NOT being honest about this years pay increase. That's why those of us who have been there for a long time have caught on to it, and new team members have not. That's why they want people like me gone. In my store we are NOT ALLOWED to discuss pay. It's bullshit.

  • TargetCartAttd says:

    I can see where you're coming from, but think of it like this; I've been with Target working my booty off for four years and now I'm making a capacitance more than literally anyone they hire off the street tomorrow. One of my favorite co-workers has been with the business for seven years and s/he's only making three cents more than me. That effectively means they only value our quality of work as if we were only there about a year longer than those brand new workers assuming we both wound up getting crap reviews, or you could say that they only value her one penny more per year than they do me.

    This isn't a fifty cent raise, changing the new company minimum rate but conveniently wiping away YEARS worth of raises under the lie of on comparatively big raise.

  • keepthevibealive says:

    Going from 9.23 to 10.50 isn't bad for 3 years of work. Considering that they know I am leaving as soon as I find something else


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