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November 14, 2013 - Taylor_167

Working as cashier for Holiday season

I’m fairly new to the cash register… The holidays are coming up and I really need some advice on what it’s like to work as a cashier during the holidays. I know it’s going to be super crowded.Does that mean that time will go by fast since everyone is going to be at the registers? How many cashiers do they hire? Also, I’m scared that my conversions are going to go down cause I know the computer is going to prompt us like crazy…also the rude guests? How do I deal with them?

Just any advice you all can offer to me to make sure I don’t blow it?




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  • TargetSucks says:

    Be as lazy as you can and then quit when you find a better job. They'll probably try to make you a TL.

  • viciousdave says:

    It's easy man. Hard at first but than it comes easy. Guest has problem about coupon, $5 card deal for 2 boxes of diapers, just be nice about what the condition is, say I'm sorry mam/sir, say what the problem is in a polite voice, explain how you can't do this or that because the coupon doesn't offer what it says on what they bought, if guest still doesn't accept what is the truth, obviously they are r******d as hell, but offer them the manager, or as we call the team lead. It's all about if someone yells at you, don't yell back, just be nice and say I'd be glad to help, what did you need to know, ask questions back that are polite on how you can help, if still getting yelled at, stay quiet and turn on light, apologize to all guests waiting that there's a problem you can't resolve and need the team lead to help out. All in all, respond calmly and hide your anger from the guests.

  • Angry_Bastard says:

    Keep a Winchester knife and a foot long steel pipe underneath the counter when it comes to the unruly fucking animals at checkout!!

    As for how to avoid "blowing it" in general, honestly, you can't. There is no avoiding it at Target. No matter what you do, those who are higher up on the food chain will always have a way to fuck you up. My advice: don't make that an easy task for them. Make it as unpleasant for them as they'll make it for you.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    Why would you be scared about your conversions? CaCa happens. If they harp on you, tell them you will try harder.. Don't get offended if they yell at you, they make mountains out of red cards..just ask every guest. And make sure you ask if they know about both cards target offers.. If you keep doing that, you should get at least one redcard between every 35-50 sales you do. You just have to be consistant.

    Most guests are patient. Always smile to the guests in your line. It makes it harder for them to yell at you when they get up to your counter. And always look them in the eye. When you do that, they are kinder and they listen to your speech better.

    If they do demand something, give it to them as long as its something that isn't outlandish, like saying a toy is 5.00 when it is 55.00. Something within a few dollar price range is acceptable.
    If guest gets to crazy in demanding things, just flip that light on and wait. Have a conversation with them about the weather or a sports team as you are waiting, that is, if they aren't to irate.. It passes the time while you are waiting for the GSA or gstl to get to you.
    Always smile at them and tell them to have a nice day at the end of the transaction even if they are pissing and moaning about something.
    The meaner they get, the nicer you should get, because that really pisses them off, but they usually won't say anything meaner because you are being to nice..

    If you want to get some kind of revenge without them really knowing it, squeeze their bread really hard when you put it in the bag.

    Good luck to you during this trying season.


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