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  • February 21, 2020 - spookiwi

    2 Weeks in and Im Ready to End It All

    I’ve been hired for the seasonal section which is great and fun (jk). I, being the new employee, am expected to take care of the seasonal isles by MYSELF: restocking, backstocking, pushing, setting up displays, fixing aisles etc. From what I’ve heard, people that get hired for this section generally are overworked because they are the only person in the section. I also know target has an ongoing fun little game where they like to give insane amounts of work to their employees and expect them to finish it all in a shift and have time to start the next shifts work. If you think food & bev is hectic, imagine reorganizing the same clearance candy isle 10+ times within half an hour because the GUESTS just dont give a fuck. Also why do people get mad at me for asking questions when I literally have no idea what the hell I’m doing

  • November 14, 2013 - Taylor_167

    Working as cashier for Holiday season

    I’m fairly new to the cash register… The holidays are coming up and I really need some advice on what it’s like to work as a cashier during the holidays. I know it’s going to be super crowded.Does that mean that time will go by fast since everyone is going to be at the registers? How many cashiers do they hire? Also, I’m scared that my conversions are going to go down cause I know the computer is going to prompt us like crazy…also the rude guests? How do I deal with them?

    Just any advice you all can offer to me to make sure I don’t blow it?



  • October 29, 2013 - DestroyTarget

    The Holidays are Coming.

    The holidays are near! That means there will be crowds of guests shopping in our store and that means I’ll be asking about the REDcard more than I ever have before until my tongue dries up and crumbles out of my mouth! The customers will become snappier than they usually are because they are too busy trying to snatch what they want before the shelves are stripped bare and people will be extremely impatient jostling through packed isles and waiting in extremely long lines for who knows how long. I can’t wait to see how rudely I’ll be treated for asking about a card WHEN IT IS MY JOB TO DO SO. I’ll be complained about even more when I don’t give them a discount because their coupons are expired or because they need three items for a five dollar gift card instead of two. I can already think of the joyful mood everyone will be in if the cash register’s monitor freezes and randomly reboots because Target never bothers to fix its equipment as much as I complain and as much money they get from customers to afford to fix things. Think of all the transactions that will take forever to complete because the touch pads don’t work. I’d better memorize which cash registers work the best so I’ll have first dibs on them, because this is gonna get ugly. I’ve never worked before, but I bet this’ll happen.