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August 16, 2017 - Nergal

Why I quit…

I was reluctant to write this but I figured if I could deter even one person from working at Target as cart attendant then I have succeeded.

I started working for target about 2 years ago,(quit just before my 2 years) took the job because I figured I could use some money and experience since it was my first job. The hiring process took about 2 weeks which wasn’t too bad. Although I have heard from several people that the hiring process took at least a month.

When I first started I was eager to work, I wanted to show my boss that I was capable and genuinely interested in getting the job done. Slowly, I started realizing that management cared about one thing and one thing only. The dreadful red card. I took pride in my work but seeing as hard work isn’t recognized by hard labor rather red cards, I found to be quite interesting to say the least.

The life of a cart attendant consists of belittling, lack of support, and getting down right messy. I found out that we cart attendants are the scums of the company. We are treated as scums and have the utmost responsibilities. I had a multitude of things that had to be done throughout the day and god forbid I don’t get around to doing it all, management is quick to hunt you down.

The lack of support of like none I’ve ever encountered. As a cart attendant you are a one man team. Leaders will be quick to announce that you have no carts and demand that you bring in a row of carts, as if I had a magical wand that could just instantly transmit carts from the parking lot to the front lanes. Let me remind you that while you’re out of carts they will be expecting you to take care of the restrooms, 2 carry outs, refill hand baskets throughout the store and take care of trash.

Realize that as a cart attendant you are expected to clean after people, literally. You clean feces, urine, throw up, etc. If there is a spill expect to be called even if it’s just two popcorn kernels, it really is that ridiculous. Expect to get an 11 cent raise and be ok with it. Expect compelete incompetence when the restroom plumbing is backed up and there is a considerable amount of piss water gushing out of the pipes in the ground and have the LOD say it’s just gonna have to wait till Monday when it’s Saturday and we have hundreds of people an hour rushing inside the restrooms. Expect blatant favoritism. Expect to be overworked and constantly reminded how bad of a job you are doing.

I can at least say I liked one aspect of the job. They actually allowed the use of earbuds to listen to music.

All I can say is fuck Target, and all the people (leaders and managers) who knowingly know that target is fucking people left and right and turn a blind eye to it.


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