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July 14, 2014 - ineedtoquit

Terrible price accuracy even after a year, and no scanning code of conduct

I work at Target Canada. I was GSA today, and a “Guest” (are we going to call them all lovers eventually?) was talking to me like I was a piece of dirt for informing him that we don’t subscribe to the Canadian scanning code of conduct, which would make any item scanned wrong under 10 dollars free. He seemed to think it was some sort of hard law (he used the word charter…I don’t think you know what that word means), when it’s a voluntary policy. Now he was a dickbutt asswipe, so I really didn’t care about that, but once he was gone I started thinking he did have a point.

We’ve been operating for a year. At the start, we had terrible price accuracy, as a cashier I would literally have at least 20 items scanned in incorrectly each day, and that’s just what the customers caught, not what slipped through. A year later, it’s no different, still terrible, and not only that but they added a new rule to the computers that makes most larger price adjustments require a supervisor approval, because head office said prices were sufficiently accurate now. Complete bullshit.


Now that, combined with the fact that we don’t subscribe to the scanning code of conduct, would understandably be a big problem for a lot of people, and shows a complete lack of care about price accuracy. Want to show you care, Target? Add the code of conduct, and see how quickly you shape up on price accuracy when there is such a penalty for being wrong.

The number of things that scanned in for non-sales prices honest to god must be a huge part of the faltering profits Target Canada has.


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  • Silverfox says:

    fwi, it's the law in Quebec

  • firstborntriplet says:

    Law or not sometimes people switch the prices themselves and then they claim that they should get the scanning code of practice, the worst case was this "mother" who had a seven or so year old daughter. She I guess switches the prices all the time. So she was at the cash and she was saying that since the item cost less than $10 she should get it for free. Her daughter was just trying to help the mother and told the cashier that her mother switched the price tag and that means her mother should get it for free. Needless to say the mother got mad at the child. The mother tried to do the same at another register and told the daughter that if she said anything about the price tags being switched she would beat her with a belt when she got home. She was told by the manager that since the bar code did not match she could not get it for the scanning code of practice. It did not stop there, the mother started beating the child in the parking lot, called her a stupid bitch, told her she could have been arrested for fraud because she was too stupid to keep her fucking mouth shut. She left her in the parking lot, and even threatened to have a man give her money to do sexual things to her to make up for the loss by opening her mouth. Good news is someone witnessed this and took her to the store to call the police(mother left her in parking lot). Mother came back later but police were talking to her.

  • Silverfox says:

    Dang. I just learned from an American that SCOP is actually a thing in the USA and apparently it's a law in the the state of MA. SO Target basically knew what it was but refused to do it.


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