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October 1, 2013 - Chris. 349

Target’s Blame Game

Recently I had experiences that really made me wonder about Target. I was shopping and encountered a former Target employee. We got to talking and she told me a story where she was going to try and work two jobs. The training schedule at her new job conflicted with her schedule at Target. Target in their less than infinite wisdom, let her go, saying “she didn’t work hard enough.” Excuse me. The woman worked in softlines, other than hanging up clothes there’s not much else to do, how are you supposed to work hard at that? The woman strongly suspects Target got rid of her because they wanted to fill her position with younger people. I don’t think Target is an angel or anything, but I did think they were above that. Does Target really think that the people they’re slapping around aren’t going to talk about it to family and friends, that the unfairness that they direct at their employees isn’t going to be heard?

One day I came into work. Almost all the carts were taken. I clock in and proceed to do my job and my first objective, restock carts. That’s not good enough for the GSA on patrol who immediatly scolds me for not reporting to her. In my little world getting to work is more important than keeping her updated. I didn’t even respond because I didn’t view her complaints as even valid. I go out and start to collect carts. The first batch I see is stuck together. These are the kind where you can’t easily get them apart without a steel rod or something. So I take them back to maintenance. All the while the LOD’s are freaking out the we’re running out of carts, you see this is somehow my fault because I got there ten minutes ago. On my second trip out to my domain, the parking lot, I see a few LOD’s stomping around griping about having to do actual work. One of the LOD’s insinuates that somehow we ran out of carts because I’m not using the cart pusher. Let me set up some facts about the cart pusher. All it does well is push carts in one direction, straight. If you try to turn it, especially if you’re not six or seven feet tall, you’re screwed. While using the cart pusher, all the while knowing how people drive around there, I also know that someone is going to back into me and blame me for it, because you see, they’re too goo to turn their head or look in their mirrors.


Not a couple hours later, I foolishly believed that the torment was over. I was than informed that a “guest” has a poo related accident. In my little world, if you find a mess, you clean it. Not at Target, any and all messes are the sole responsibility of the cart attendant or Janitors or whatever they’re making us into. This really pissed me off. Since when did it become my personnal responsibility to clean up after the elite? Oh that’s right I forgot, Target views it’s employees as little more than people to be taken advantage of. I’ve so had it with people saying, “Oh I’ve craped all over the toilet, quick someone, clean it up for me.” I don’t give a damn about how comfortable they are in the bathroom, they should learn to use it properly. Why can’t these “people” crap in their own bathrooms? Why must they come to Target?


About an hour later I was considering putting up this post but had not yet committed myself. Than I got disrespected again! I asked if I could go on break, instead of just getting a “yes” I got a “you haven’t gone a break yet?” Here’s something you’d think GSA’s would know but don’t. The cart attendant job isn’t like cashiering or sales floor where you have a set time for breaks and lunches. Cart attendants get to take breaks and lunches when they are caught up on work and can afford to. After hearing that I just said to myself “That’s it, Target and their arrogant guests are really going to get slandered on the web tonight. I tired putting it behind me but enough is enough.”




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  • SayWhaaat says:

    My store let go an elderly woman who's been at Target Cafe since the store opened. Due to her age, she started becoming a little bit slower at doing her job but the quality of work she did exceeded what the store required of her. Before her being let go, they started piling more and more stuff on her to do before closing. It got to the point where it was almost impossible for her to get done before 8:30pm so the cart attendants had to help her get out on time. After numerous times clocking out a bit late, they let her go.

    The new closing folks are fast, and get out on time.... BUT... they leave shit undone. The popcorn machine is unkempt and they continuously remove product from the floor ie; hot dogs and pretzels, an hour before Cafe closes.

    I am very disappointed that they let the lady go because now, Cafe is shit and not up to brand... yet, Target is saving a few cents a night because the kids clock out on time.

    • viciousdave says:

      Quality of business and products over worries of giving too much money to employees is right. You damn well told that right.

  • usernameok says:

    I know Softlines seems like the breeziest job in Target to some people, but it can be fucking hell. And it doesn't help when the ETLs and LODs get on you for not finishing your zone or not working fast enough. For how long I've worked in the department, they've assigned each person up to 4 diff clothes departments and we're expected to do 100% zones in our 4hr and 45min shifts - minus the 15 minute team huddles, 5-15 minute register responding, all the guests we help out, and the occasional 15 minute coverage we need to fill in for fitting room when the fitting room person goes on their lunch. Oh yeah, and our own 15 minute break. All of that can take up to an hour, maybe a little more, from the workload we're supposed to do. Not to mention there are stray clothes everywhere (and you better reshop all 75 of them!!!), and stray hardlines items to take to guest services. Fold tables about 50 times after the guests mess up all 100 of them. Don't get me started on Shoes. (K I'm done, I dont feel like typing, and I don't hate you.)

  • NotBeyonceCarter says:

    OMG I'm always on the closing shift and almost always alone. I have to take my first break an hour into my 8hr shift before the person before me leaves. Then when I remind the GSA to schedule my break she says she knows. When I politely remind her 4 hours later she says "You haven't taken your break yet?" BITCH GET OUT what do they pay you for?


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