Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

November 20, 2015 - Nathny

Target Struggle


Pls who is tired of fucking licking guests arss to get a MF red card, am tired already. i mean d other time i got three red cards and my LOD was like hey get more red cards i was like are you oliver twist i got three already. there is this new shit they do 15 red card goals a day. most times they get Zero during weekdays, but weekends they will lit our ass up and the LOD will keep saying “Team (with a fake smile) get xcited and get red cards” i feel like every damn human in houston got a red card already or their own credit cards, i mean who likes owing jeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz. the only ugly thing about my location is that they overuse you like crazy. My LOD is a nigerian, both of us are. she gets to use me in the name of “my nigerian brother” what in d name!!!! the other time she asked me to stay till 11:30pm and tried to nigerian my life. pfffff hell no. i hate closing

2: why is 11;30 not 11:30 first time i closed when it was 11:28 i ran to the clerical to clock out, my LOD was like hey where u goin to. was like its time to go. then everyone cracked up (they was like look at him) i mean 11:30 should be 11:30 i wish i could pour out my heart here

so cashiers are fucking lazy, they turn off their light and run to d bathroom never to return. or they go to gossip SMH, yall are paid to work, if u tired walk out. there is this shitty fellow cashier if the GSTLA goes on her 30 lunch and d GSTLa hands her the walkie she leaves d lane activate her bitch mode and annoying character and starts talking anyhow to her fellow cashiers. i was like bitch no dont do that. if she finally becomes a GSTA is not gonna be funny, ammma kick her silly face.

Who hates d self checkout. thats where guests reveal their true identity of foolishness and rudeness. i could go on and on about target infact humans in general.


who has trouble accessing Ehr from home, i believe its down.


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