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March 16, 2014 - agentphoenix

Target: A Snowball in Hell

I worked at a Target for 3 years (Now I have a much better job that seems to give a damn about it’s employees). I have family and friends that work at Target as well. So this past winter, with all these damn snowstorms and one STATE OF EMERGENCY, you’d think that this Eastern Coast Target would close and protect their Team Members and Guests, right?

Wrong! This Target store, store T2072, decided not to close during a state of emergency. Hell, they didn’t even have a delay that day. The one delay they did have was during a light dusting. So several Team Members had to drive, be driven, or get looked at in shame when they call off because it’s DANGEROUS outside and the brand new STL decided it was safe for everyone to come in.


I called anonymously to Target Corporate to complain about it, but nothing got done.


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  • Silverfox says:

    Target rather you die driving there.

  • disgusted says:

    targwt (remember they don't deserve a capital T) does not care one tiny bit about the health and safety or the good will of its employees, This story is just another classic example of it.

    Oh, you do know that complaining whether anonymously or not, gets no where, as a store HR ETL simply get an e-mail about the issue and 99% of the time simply brushes it off.
    Again, another example of how target has zero integrity, (despite how they claim how wonderful they are in the community or their so called open door policy and more.) I must stop now, that makes me laugh so hard funnier then going to a comedy club even. LOL

  • kitsune says:

    Tell me about it. I work at Target as well. Even when Hurricane Sandy hit NJ, my damn store was still opened. I had to call out because besides me not feeling safe my family and my boyfriend didn't want me out!!!

  • Kellseee says:

    Of Course not. We had a Massive blackout a couple of years ago, and they insisted on keeping us there even though half of the store was pitch black. they told us that we had to stay and clean the store, and that we would still go home at closing. They not only kept us there, but they made us work with flashlights and in the dark, until 1130pm. It wasn't until the COPS came and told them we had to close because our parking lot was blacked out and it was unsafe that we had to close our store and go home.

  • mchisari says:

    I would report them to the EEOC. Don't even bother reporting that store to those ass wipes at cooperation.


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