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  • March 16, 2014 - agentphoenix

    Target: A Snowball in Hell

    I worked at a Target for 3 years (Now I have a much better job that seems to give a damn about it’s employees). I have family and friends that work at Target as well. So this past winter, with all these damn snowstorms and one STATE OF EMERGENCY, you’d think that this Eastern Coast Target would close and protect their Team Members and Guests, right?

    Wrong! This Target store, store T2072, decided not to close during a state of emergency. Hell, they didn’t even have a delay that day. The one delay they did have was during a light dusting. So several Team Members had to drive, be driven, or get looked at in shame when they call off because it’s DANGEROUS outside and the brand new STL decided it was safe for everyone to come in.


    I called anonymously to Target Corporate to complain about it, but nothing got done.