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  • July 7, 2014 - dontask

    worst 5 months of my life

    First off, FUCK RED CARDS and everything they stand for. If i didnt hate the color red before, I hate it now.  I thought it would be great to work at Target since its close to heaven shopping there, but i was wrong, just like i always am. I worked in softlines and the first 3 days of work wasnt that bad. I was new to everything and i was still training, so i basically just walked around and avoided “GUEST” (like ppl care) because I didn’t know shit about anything or its location…..and i hate being bothered with stupid questions…

  • July 3, 2014 - TargetIsTheNewWalmart

    Target=Retail Hell, now I know why the main color is Red

    I worked for Target for nearly 8 years. Would have been my eighth year in April. I was always brought up to stick to a job until something came along, as much as I hated that place, I was loyal to them for nearly 8 years. I tried a few times to jump ship but I never managed to get on anywhere else mostly due to being a college student.

  • March 20, 2014 - Taylor_167

    Are there hidden cameras in the break room

    I know that there are  cameras where the tables are to eat lunch, and I know there’s one where the lockers are to put our belongings in, but, are there hidden cameras in the break room and if so, where??

  • January 14, 2014 - iHateTargetMore

    Worst. Target. Store. Ever

    I get chewed out for not wearing a PDA holster by the alcoholic TL trainee barely 23 years old, then an hour later catch him walking to the backroom carrying a PDA with no holster! Then I go on my lunch and as I say over the walkie, “This is _______, I’m taking my 30, Will’s got the boat.” I guess someone walkied over me, because when I got back I got chewed out AGAIN by that TL! He kept saying “When you take breaks and lunches you gotta call it on the walkie,” and “Geez, this is like working with children…” and I’m like “Uh I did, you didnt hear it?” He says “No I didn’t, maybe next time try being a little more responsible.” and I’m there thinking, responsible? Where do you get off saying that? It’s like I’m only there to be harassed by him, like I’m back in high school or some sh*t and I keep getting picked on by popular kids. And all the popular kids are LOD’s and us regular team members are the losers and geeks. And it doesn’t stop there, even the other LOD’s get in on it. What’s sad is that I started at another Target and it wasn’t at all like this, everyone was nice and polite and never rude. But then I transferred to live with a friend and here at the 1115 store we have high school-esque cliques of LOD’s and a tyrannical STL.  I deal with it ALL the time, no matter what I do or say I still get the shaft. I can’t wait to get out of there!

  • January 1, 2014 - The_truth09


    Does the individual store benefit from people signing up for a red card?

    I say that to say this, tonight the closing L.O.D got pissed off because we only got 1 red card. LOL.
    Someone said, Hey one is better than zero and the LOD replied, no 1 is even worst, we are dead last in the district for red card conversation, one of the newer stores is doing better than us and we are close to the shopping mall and airport that should never happen.

    So I ask, what do the individual stores get from corporate if anything from people signing up for the red card?

  • October 12, 2013 - TargetSucks

    Admitted true feelings to Target headquarters

    I’m not ashamed to admit this as I am a true and honest man who tells who I really am.  I emailed through the contact us email on and messaged that I am truly developing sickness and depression from the team leads at my store pushing me so hard to get red cards and asking guests for them.  I said I have a social anxiety to peoples reactions of no and to yelling of any kind.  I clearly stated that I’ve spoken to my store manager about the red cards but that I was scared to admit my personal feelings of depression and anxiety to her, so that is why I contacted target headquarters through there contact us email on there website. 

  • September 22, 2013 - TargetSucks

    Called in sick

    You ever call in sick?  I gotta say working front end is the worst job of the store. Talk about overworked and underpaid.  Constant people, constant jackasses about no it said buy one get a $5 dollar gift card.  No, I checked, zapped the item twice to check for them, red card screen comes up.  Don’t believe me, GSTL tells them exact same thing cause that is the truth, buy two of this, get a $5 gift card.  Holly snaps man, it’s so hard for these crack people to believe the truth, especially when they don’t read that small print. 

  • March 30, 2013 - FastFun&F**ktastic

    Target Pharmacy Sucks Too!

    I quit my job as a pharmacist with Target back in January, and have had ZERO regrets about it.  It was glaringly obvious that corporate didn’t give a shit about pharmacy as a profession, and only saw us as a money-making opportunity for them.

    The first thing that happened that made me question Target’s intentions was that over half of the pharmacists in my city had to re-interview for their jobs.  Even though I managed to keep my job, it soon became crystal clear what Target’s endgame was:  the pharmacists who WERE let go were all older, and had been with the company the longest.  Target was screwing these employees out of their pensions.  Truly sickening.

  • I started working at Super Target in Lee’s Summit, MO 2 weeks ago.  I was informed today at the start of the morning that I was getting moved from seasonal to full-time, days.  I said okay.  I haven’t missed a day nor have I ever been late.  I’ve never refused to stay late to help them close either.   I was always on task, 100% of the time.   I came in at 5 in the morning.  On different days I stayed until 1:30 in the morning.  It didn’t surprise me I was getting moved to full-time, how many people are willing to get paid $9.00 an hour and work any varied monkey shift you throw at them?

    Then, about 2 pm, another manager told me the 29th would be my last day.  I said, oh really, what is going on?  He said, well, you know, when you were hired you were hired as seasonal and that is ending.  I said, okay, but today another manager told me I was going full-time, days.  He said, well, um here, Derek in HR gave me this letter to give you.  I said, ok, and opened it up.  It just said the 29th was my last day and thanks for all your hard work, it was a form letter.  It didn’t give a reason for termination.  I said to the guy, come on, be straight with me, never missed a day, never late, what gives?  The guy just started making awkward sounds with his voice, which I instantly read to be “I know but I can’t tell you”.  I didn’t throw a fit and went back to work for the remainder of my shift.