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July 7, 2014 - dontask

worst 5 months of my life

First off, FUCK RED CARDS and everything they stand for. If i didnt hate the color red before, I hate it now.  I thought it would be great to work at Target since its close to heaven shopping there, but i was wrong, just like i always am. I worked in softlines and the first 3 days of work wasnt that bad. I was new to everything and i was still training, so i basically just walked around and avoided “GUEST” (like ppl care) because I didn’t know shit about anything or its location…..and i hate being bothered with stupid questions…“Do you know where girls bathing suites are?” I think its in the food section, But wouldnt it be CRAZZZZZY if it was the girls section? *Mind Blown. But then shit got annoying, real fast. Listen, I understood I would be folding, putting away clothes and picking them up……BUT.  DAMN! I would take my time and fold the graphic tees in the mens section, make them look all nice and pretty and what now…then BAM!!! 5 minutes later, no spongebob shit…5 FUCKING  come back and the shit is a mess, clothes inside out, piled on different clothes and rolled. in.  balls!…..A fucking ball? Really dude? WTF. How is it so hard to put shit back! Maybe my problem isnt with Target, maybe it is with shitty ass people who teach their kids to put things back where they belong but cant do it their damn selves. Now i know we have some weird kung fu like folding technique, but GEEZ, could ya attempt to fold it? ill give you an A for effort.  And Fuck those socks and undershirts, Who the fuck can tell where that shit goes? The womens section is a nightmare, nothing but ugly clothes on the floor, I dread walking over there, Id rather go to the baby section and struggle folding mini people shirts and pants for 3 hours than deal with picking up long dresses that I step on and trip over constantly in the womens section. Now the worst thing about soft lines is that the clothes you are looking for could be ANYWAY FUCKING WHERE! I would spend about 45 minutes putting away one shirt because I had no clue where the fuck it goes, it gave me anxiety. Its like playing “Where is Waldo” if waldo was a cheetah print horribly designed dress/i think is s ahirt but nobody fucking knows. After awhile, everything looks the same, Id either say “Fuck it” and put it anywhere or say “Fuck it” and put in back in the fitting room. So basically, a lot of “fuck its” were being said during the time i worked there. The only section I liked working was the baby section, not the clothes part, but the food and titty pumper stuff…..only because I could actually use my PDA( i think thats what its called) to but things back where they belong. Now, since I worked in softlines, I also had fitting room shifts which I enjoyed because it consisted of sitting on my ass all day and tweeting, and sitting on my ass and texting. Answering phone calls and making sure people dont steal, even though I wouldnt have gave a fuck, was the good life. Now, idk if every Target has this problem but when I say “Hardlines, you have a call on 33, Hard lines, call on 33” you better pick the fucking phone up. Fuck hardlines people, they never want to pick up phones, now the bitch on the phone catches an attitude with me because she wants to know if we carry silver bobby pins! When i was working, we only had like 2-3 softlines people working at a time which was dumb . People would call and ask for items in Softlines, but everyone on the floor was on break…so ME, The Gate Keeper of the Fitting Room, has to lie and tell the lady we are out of stock because i cant leave the fitting room, and im not about to hunt for a mossimo black maxi skirt in the corn field of clothes, sorry boo. For my Target, everyone had to learn how to work the cash register which wasnt a big deal until they decided it was okay to call for back up every damn second they could for 2 guest that were waiting. Chill Walkie Talkie Hitler, those two guest can wait. It got so bad to the point I just stayed at the register, fuck clothes, im on register duty now. And am I the only one who would accept coupons even if they didnt go through?? I didnt care, It wasnt effecting my pay check. Side note, the first day I was on register without any help was a nightmare. It was early, I was tired and my brain wasnt working properly. Iady gave me 100 dollars, I couldnt type it in properly, I kept on adding too many zeros and I couldnt count her change. She probably thinks Im slow, i still think about it from time to time, how stupid she thinks i am. But back to saying Fuck Target…….I will end my rant with this, whoever thought it was a good idea to have “team meeting”, the dumbest, pointless, condescending, childish meeting they are, needs to burn. I felt like I was in elementary school in these meeting..”Would anyone like to acknowledge a members outstanding performance?” Bish Whet?… old are we really?….hurry the meeting up, i have reshop to fucking do. I would always turn my walkie down so i could act like i didnt hear them call for a meeting. END THE MEETINGS….no one cares about how much money target raised, how many red cards were handed out this week or who the security guard is fucking…….so i say Fuck You Target, and the overly happy, slightly creepy, inside really fucking bitches you exposed me to. Thanks


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  • StoleMySoul says:

    LMAO! This is absolute golden awesomeness! So fucking true!! All of it! You realized all of this in 5 months and it blows my mind that some team members have been there for years and don't realize this shit! Or I guess maybe they're just not bothered by it which means they're probably just as stupid of people as the stupid guests!

    • TargetGrunt says:

      In my case it's partly because I've been having trouble finding another job. I've gotten interviews at other places, yes, but so many people are looking for jobs where I live that the smallest of mistakes during an interview can lose you the job.

      Although recently I've been tempted to put in my two weeks and work at a temp agency in the meantime just to get out of Target.

  • StoleMySoul says:

    Oh trust me, I know! Just keep at it, you'll get something eventually. So many companies are using the temp route anymore, if you have to, go for it! At least it may give you experience in something else to boost your resume.


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