Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

July 3, 2014 - TargetIsTheNewWalmart

Target=Retail Hell, now I know why the main color is Red

I worked for Target for nearly 8 years. Would have been my eighth year in April. I was always brought up to stick to a job until something came along, as much as I hated that place, I was loyal to them for nearly 8 years. I tried a few times to jump ship but I never managed to get on anywhere else mostly due to being a college student. The last year at that place was easily the worst one there. I can’t believe after the massive data breach that instead of curbing the quota for Red Cards….they increased it! In fact, every time you clocked in for work, you had to see your TL and be given a talk about you need to get like 4 red cards a day and if you don’t get any red cards at all in one day you automatically get written up. Then if you don’t meet quota over a period of time, you are automatically fired. How is this supposed to boost worker morale when team members have to come in every day and be threatened with termination on a daily basis if they don’t get Target precious red cards. Then of course, “Be Bold” came around which basically gets rid of any coupon policy we had. Once this went into affect, couponers stormed the store. When this new rule went into affect for example, if a guest wanted a $900 TV for lets say $200, an LOD would tell us to give it to them for $200 just because the guest threw a fit like a spoiled brat. This is not a good business model to follow at all. I’m going to get to the part why I am no longer at Target anymore. So in early March I was called into TSC because of something they picked up that happened in September of last year. YES SEPTEMBER OF LAST YEAR AND THEY WAIT TO BRING IT TO MY ATTENTION IN MARCH OF 2014! Anyways, they said they had evidence that a guest came through my line, bought a gift card, the guest never got the gift card back, and in fact I went and spent it on my lunch that day. The guest happened to be my Father, he owed me money so he came through my line at Target to buy a $25 gift card to give to me so I could spend it on lunch that week. I tried explaining it to them that the guest was my Dad but they wouldn’t buy it and they fired me. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know why they waited almost 6 months to bring this to my attention. It makes no sense. In some ways I’m glad I’m no longer with them, I don’t miss anything to do with Red Cards at all. In fact once I left, I took a pair of scissors and tore up my Red Card. I don’t miss dealing with couponers or bitchy guests. In fact, the bitchy guests have more power than the LODs, they pretty much make the rules. What ever half assed idea they wanted, the LODS would let it happen. Even if it meant taking a dump on us team members. I could go on and on about all the things I don’t miss there, but those were the top complaints. However I don’t like how this has impacted my job search. Being fired at a job after being there for almost 8 years, simply doesn’t look good on a resume or a job application, and it’s showing. I hope to get a job soon, but it seems like Target wants to make my life hell even after I no longer work for them. My word of advice to those who work for Target….GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!! I don’t even shop there anymore. I’ve always did and always will do my grocery shopping at Kroger but to substitute with Target, I’ve picked Best Buy and Meijer. I’ve done a little bit of shopping at Walmart but not a lot. If I go to Walmart, it’s mostly the Neighborhood Market which isn’t as bad as a normal Walmart.


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  • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

    I quit the week the ETL started threatening everyone over the walkies that if you don't meet quota, you get written up at the end of your shift. They bitched over the walkie at everyone all day long-exhausting.

    • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

      They did that at my store too. I could even tell that Guests could hear it by the way they were looking at the walkie on the TMs belt but they didn't care as they continued shopping. We even got complaints from guests who said they would never shop at Target again because they were tired of being asked to sign up for a red card and when it was brought to the attention of the store's ETL, he would say "Good, that's what we need to hear, our cashiers asking guests to sign up for a red card." That's Books A Million level bad!

  • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

    Yeah, I've had guests complain to me about the obnoxious sounds coming outta that walkie. So glad I don't have to listen to that shit anymore. I used to just turn it off when they'd start on a tangent.

  • Silverfox says:

    don't know target rules, But in zellers , you are not supposed to ring up your intermediate family or friends. That's just common sense. Explaining it was your dad just got you into more shit. What your dad should have done was go though another line buy the $25 giftcard and then give it to you when you got home. I'm sorry to say but you deserved that one.

    • Silverfox says:

      Same rules where I currently work atm.

    • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

      Family members and friends are allowed to be rang up in our lanes at my store. We were told day one at orientation that it was ok, giving them a discount isn't ok but I wasn't doing that. On that term I wasn't breaking a rule.

      • Silverfox says:

        all the same to prevent finger pointing, it's best to be avoided. Only exception I could see if it was exceptionally busy and you had no choice but to ring them though. But then that's target, One cashier at the till. Always a line up so the lone cashier has to ring up everyone including family. No alternate lanes to walk though to avoid causing problems. Still your dad could have gone to the self checkout and bought the giftcard or gave you $25 cash beforehand. That would have saved you giving ammuniton to target.

        • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

          Our store doesn't have self checkouts. Didn't even know that Target had self checkout lanes until today. The ones in my state don't.

    • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

      No, what her dad should've done is punched the bitch in the face that fired his daughter. That's just common sense.

  • fucktarget says:

    I go on both sides of the fence with this story!!

    1) I am glad you are out of Target. No matter the situation that you left under, you are better off out of that place.

    2) you say you were loyal, but that you would have taken a better job if it came along. Nothing came along for 8 YEARS!!! Dude, that doesn't seem like loyalty. That seems like you don't have many options. You, also, state you are having problems finding a job after Target. Does not sound like loyalty to me. You might be THE ONE who actually thanks Target for giving you a paycheck for 8 years!!

    • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

      I was in high school when I got the job, I'm currently in college. The economy isn't great in my state at all and it was tough finding another job to go along with my college courses. That's the main reason I was stuck there so long. Shouldn't have really said loyal exactly, but I was trying to sum up something rather quick instead of saying I slaved for them for almost 8 years, never complained about my job at work and no matter how hard it was, I kept a positive attitude. It got harder each year. I'm currently in a work study through the university I attend. It doesn't pay much but I don't have to deal with guests or red cards. So far I like it, I'm doing some side jobs for my neighbors to help out with costs and expenses too.

  • doublea says:

    Im trying to wrap my head around the fact that they can fire you for not reaching a quota of red cards. I mean if they hired someone as a cashier then why the hell are they treating you like a salesman. A salesperson gets commission. Sounds like they are having their cake and eating it too. I would challenge this. Does if state that in the employee handbook. If not I say "go fuck yourself"get the fucking things yourself. What a gambit. Call the fucking hotline, better business bureau or labor board. Six month too. Is there a statue of limitations for that. WTF.


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