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July 7, 2014 - ElectronicsGirl

T2362’s Redcard Madness Made Me a Red-and-Khaki Robin Hood

Whenever the data breach happened, our ETLs went completely crazy. You couldn’t turn on a walkie without hearing “WHERE ARE WE AT ON REDCARDS?!”

Obviously people put up with it. They had to. But I decided I didn’t want to anymore. So a really bitchy ETL came over the walkie and was asking Electronics why we haven’t gotten any redcards. This is where shit went down.

I was calm. “We’re asking every guest. We are trying.” I said in response. But her response is what sealed the deal. “Well you guys are moving big items like TVs and game systems. Getting the guest an extra 5% off is a no brainer. So getting them to sign up for redcards is EASY.”

Now, I tried. I genuinely tried to not get angry. But when you tell me my job is easy, and essentially you call me out, I’m going to retaliate.

So I said, “if it’s so easy, why don’t you come back here and do it?”

The store became so quiet. So so quiet. I’ve heard the stories from cashiers about her reaction. “What did she say to me?!” She asked other ETLs and cashiers. Although she never said a thing to me, the lead over electronics called my phone and was half laughing and half serious. He told me “You can’t talk to her like that. She’s just doing her job.” So I said, “Well I’m just doing mine. ”

I have never been so adored by my team mates in my life. We counted this as a success because the redcard talk simmered down to a motivational tone instead of an attacking one.

I was lucky I wasn’t reprimanded. I was lucky I wasn’t fired. But when you really think about Target, you aren’t really lucky when you still work there.


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  • cashier says:

    Nice, that's fucking hilarious. Wish I could have witnessed that.

  • bmillz says:

    I literally did a Tiger Woods-esque fist bump after reading this. I'm so proud.

  • Silverfox says:

    only reason i would get a canadian version is to make target pay my conversion forex fee and get 2.5% off at target usa

    • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

      So, how many grandchildren do you have?

      • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

        You sound like you're about 60.

        • Silverfox says:

          shad up.

          Like I said the card sucks and even rbc reps won't push the card.
          The card sucks period and the only reason I would get it is to get target pay my forex fee for me if i ever ventured into a us target and have the 5% discount offset the 2.5% forex fee making the discount an effective 2.5% off, so in actuality target pays my forex fees. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • ShimmyShanks says:

    This is the most beautiful thing I've ever read.

  • famouswriter17 says:

    When I read what you said in response, I started laughing so hard because I've wanted to say this to them so many times!!! I work in Electronics too, and I get the same shit and I want to tell that to the LOD sooooo badly!! Love it haha


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