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Tag / No more redcards

  • Whenever the data breach happened, our ETLs went completely crazy. You couldn’t turn on a walkie without hearing “WHERE ARE WE AT ON REDCARDS?!”

    Obviously people put up with it. They had to. But I decided I didn’t want to anymore. So a really bitchy ETL came over the walkie and was asking Electronics why we haven’t gotten any redcards. This is where shit went down.

  • October 7, 2013 - FATMANSAYSHAHA

    Buh Bye #1535

    So I put in my 2 weeks notice today at the store that I was working at. Haven’t been in there for a minute it seems and I only recognized a few of the people whom I used to work with.

    So glad that I no longer work there. No more games, no more drama.

    So they had some of the laziest people at that store. A girl who was in school and would need to go home and study and the Etl would let her, Really? Then guess who got stuck having to work over in her area since it looked like a big ass pile.