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June 21, 2014 - 619TargetSlaves

Oh Good O’Le Target

First off I’ve been with Target corporation for about 3 years. And trust me when I say this, “Target is the most backwards idiotic corporation I know.” I have been “lucky” enough to work as a hardlines/ Market team member which is basically code for the stores little work slave. In my store, and I believe most Targets the market accumulates for roughly 60% of the store’s sales. That being said market team members are hassled (by the LOD’s) for the most insignificant of things. WE HAVE A TON OF SH** TO DO! Why in the world would you except 2 team members, and that’s two if where lucky to complete the QMOS, ZONE, CAFS, GUEST SERVICE and what ever BS you want us to do in two hours segments. I have no problem with working hard. I love working hard that’s why hello! i’m in college working my but off. However, with Target it’s nearly impossible to complete all the task at hand, please guest, and maintain what little sanity you have no matter if you’r the Super Man of Retail. ZONING in the middle of the day is F*** idiotic! I understand a quick pick up of random items in random aisles, but wasting hours making every single box, Toy, Towel, Makeup and cookie look AMAZING is stupid if you got little Timmy, his mother, the trouble making teens, and Mrs. I don’t know what I want literally shopping and destroying everything you just Zone. But empathy is what really sets me off the edge. Not only did management just waste both our times making me when I finally get to candy ( THE DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND) they would have the nerve to critique my zone and grade it red, green, or yellow. WTF! what do you expect when you have one person zone a super Target ( Bigger than normal) ALONE! while thousands of gues…NO F*** that customers shop. It’s just not logical! Wouldn’t it be more efficient if I, don’t know, put two people in each department so at least the back ground task can be completed while the front end service can be completed as well? Oh yeah I forgot YOU DON’T HIRE! everyone is under staff. Well I guess if you stop letting customers get over on those outrageous price challenges and coupons the company probably would have a little bit more money. As for the breach, no one is going to care in few months to a year it doesn’t make sense to go bankrupt by the time no one remembers or gives two sh*** about the breach. But for you fellow employees I understand but don’t be ignorant. LOD’s, ETLS, GSTLS, and all the district managers are stupid but they are not the main cause of our bs. It’s corporate! they have people making six figures that went to college but can’t see how zoning can take away from their precious guest service which in theory will lead to higher sales? All those puppets I mention earlier are just taking orders from the Target puppet master upstairs. Oh well, soon this will not be my problem anymore and I just hope some things fix for the better. Any one looking for a job STAY AWAY FROM RETAIL!!!! RUN RUN RUN!!!!!! work at a bank, care giver, anything else but RETAIL especially Target. Every other place got their bs, hard labor, stupid snobby customers and ¬†whatever man, but ¬†screw retail.


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  • TargetGrunt says:

    I don't know about other stores, but the store I work at is understaffed because no one is applying there since people know Target is a shitty corporation.

    And yeah, I have a feeling the air-headed bigwigs at the top have never actually worked in-store and experienced the stupid "best practices" first-hand. Ultimately you can thank Bob Ulrich, the fuckstick who came up with "speed is life," for all of the half-assed ideas coming from the top.

    He said that if you wait to do something until it has been fully realized that you'll miss the opportunity to be first, so implement first and then improve. That definitely explains a lot of Target's nonsense, to me at least.

  • StoleMySoul says:

    You are both so very right. Understaffed and idiots at the top who have no idea what it's like to actually work in a store therefore they hand down these completely impractical and unrealistic ideas and goals. I hope this company tanks!


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