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July 24, 2014 - showoff702

Nothing is ever done right!!

I worked at target for 2 years and nothing they did was in the best interest for there team members. A 2,700 piece truck was to be thrown by only two people in under an hour and no cold water at the end cause it wasn’t in there “budget”. But yet they are able to decorate the break room with useless crap every month I mean really!!! When we did our remodel they hired a new team to replace the guys that went to over nights so when we got back to days after the remodel was finished the team they hired was horrible! One certain person had a horrible attitude and cussed out team leads behind there backs on the floor were guest could hear him, he wore is pants way below his add and threatned other team member several times. I was one of them and I found out he has done that before so i along with the other people he threatned went to both HR and the STL and told them but nothing was done about it. He continued to threaten one guy and he kept telling team leads again nothin was done. I had quit target and a few weeks later I find out that guy was arrested for attacking another team member and put him in the hospital and is in a coma right now.. HR should have listened to us but she didn’t want to admit she was wrong by hiring him. Ive been to other targets while I was employed by them to shop and was treated horrible. There is so much illegal activity that goes on at target. Target store I’m talking about is 680 if any one is interested.


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  • TargetGrunt says:

    When it comes to water, does your store not have a café? My store doesn't requisition water (or anything really) since there's a soda fountain that dispenses filtered water. We're still not allowed to have water bottles in the back room, though, even when it gets stupid warm back there. Water bottles being a "health concern" never made sense to me when people are sweating all over and touching product anyways.


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