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August 15, 2015 - chu89

New Hire

I started working overnights doing back stock at a NYC target recently, and I already hate it.

The TLs don’t really give you any direction. I’ve been relying on coworkers for most of my knowledge. Luckily most of them have been nice. My issue is with the work load.

I was originally hired for overnight flow, but on my first night they put me in back stock telling me that’s what I’m going to be doing that instead. I’m a guy that weighs like 140lbs. I don’t really have the muscle to pull all those heavy boxes from the heighest and lowest shelves. Also all the people I work with have decided to give me the heaviest boxes in Chem because they want the easy work. No one helps you like in that stupid HR video. I pulled my back on the first night. My shift is from 10pm to 6am, but good luck trying to leave then. Did that on my first night and the ETL had a hissy fit. Now they make me stay everyday until 8am or later. Even though I finish all my work before then, and am still only scheduled to 6am. I realized its best to be slow as shit, so I don’t have to finish someone else’s work after my own.

Anyway I am moving out of state in three months, and am just using this job to make some¬†money before the move. I really want to switch to days since they do less hours and less heavy work in the back room. Is it worth it to even ask? Or will they just force me to continue with nights? By the way they don’t know about me moving yet. I plan on giving them four weeks notice to be polite.


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  • Bombcar says:

    It would be very difficult to switch to days especially within your probationary 90 days. I'm surprised they're keeping you 10 hours though given how much bitching they do about labor.

    • chu89 says:

      Thanks for the reply.

      I may just bring it up on my next shift out of curiosity. It's just annoying that I'm doing a job I wasn't hired for.

      The 10 hour+ days kinda screw them over too. They keep asking me to pick up extra shifts, but I can't. If I do I'll go over my 40 hours. Yet every time I turn them down they seem annoyed.


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