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July 27, 2016 - TargetH8r

My Target Experience(s) T1769/T1372

Where do I begin? about summer 2014 I got my first interview for a real job; target. I was excited I thought hey mature professionals real schedules and hours blah blah blah. wrong. just. fucking wrong. 

first off, I get this interview and they decide to offer me a job on the spot, this is an offer for 4:00 am shift flow team, well I was only 17 years old at this time, under the legal curfew age around here. so right off the bat they offer me a job that I can’t legally work, so nagurally they decide to let me work this position regardless but instead of 4:00 am, 6:00 am. I thought that’d be nice and better. no. this is only the beginning, fast forward to maybe August/September 2014, I’m on a final warning for two no call no shows that month because the Tarshit Vibe set in and I already felt my mental health debilitating, so I’m going out on a nice Friday night got work at 6 on Saturday but still gonna go to a show. get home around 11/12 pm and before I know it its 8:30 am, I was well beyond calling in at this point. I decided fuck this shift its probably gonna get me fired but I’m going back to sleep. so I go to my next shift on Monday (for whatever fuckin reason?) and of course they ask to “speak to me in the office” and I walk in and they have my cash payout for that week and a termination form I wasn’t surprised at all but looking back I should’ve just skipped out on those fuckin idiots because they really don’t give a shit, never called me, never asked why I missed a shift, never concerned about my person well being which so be it not hurting my feelings too much!

so fast forward a good year, somewhere in November I thought it’d be a good idea to have more income for myself and hey, target happened to raise their starting pay to 11.00 an hour for flow employees AND no longer drug test. perfect. applied, AFTER BEING FIRED FROM T1372, AND GOT A FUCKIN CALL BACK.

December 2nd 2015 I had my second target flow team orientation at T1769. I was really excited this time because much higher pay than my previous run in with target (started at 8.75 raised to 9.75 then when I got fired and re applied started at 11.00) and I figured this store had better management more respectful team members and a better system and actually to an extent they really did compared to 1372, however, wrong. once again. so I’m working at this new store now and from about December-April2016 shit was pretty decent no real issues I was getting my hours (only wanted about 20-25 a week cause I was in between homes that weren’t near by at the time) and had little complaints after all it was target per usual, well one day my TL is chillin outside of the break room doors near the lanes sort of and he’s just buried in his watch, so I ask him what’s up and almost immediatly he comes back at me with this masterpiece; “Why was your break 18 minutes?”. this guys fucking joking right? I literally thought he was fuckin with me so I kind of chuckled like whatever and then he goes “no seriously” and I had no answer because that’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard like this guy watched me eat my fucking burrito, drink some water, go to my locker and then right back on to the floor. what he didn’t realize is I caught shit for “taking long breaks” at my previous store, so I started timing my breaks from the moment I check out my break food until I hit the 15 minute mark. so I said “well it was 15 minutes actually” and he was so ready for this argument that he already had this spewing out “okay but I was the one checking you out at 6:00 and now it’s 6:23 and you’re just now coming back out why did it take you 20 minutes to eat” and let me fucking tell you I have not been this shocked/put on the spot/offended and just so many things at once that all I could say was “alright whatever man” and straight up walked back to my isle. this continued to be a problem all the way up until late June recently and now we are up to date somewhat, so at this point I’ve been working at this store for months and months now you’d think I’m a valued team member and whatnot right? bullshit, I come in one day to a huddle right in the break room and they’re telling us to tell everyone know to apply and get people working more for back to school resets and that stupid shit, so this happens and maybe three days later I come into my fucking Sunday morning flow shift to about three people total, and on that break that day, our TL comes into the break room very stressed upset and distraught and explaining that all of the ETLs and other shit head higher up’s completely fucked the schedule he’s written and cut all of his employees (flow team) hours and I vividly recall him saying out loud to us “this sucks so bad. most of you are going to have to find another job” and I knew at that moment the fucking hour cuts were really coming, sure enough one pay week later my 22 hours a week turn into 18, well that’s odd, whatever not a problem. then 16, then 12.. and 10… they had me at 08 hours a. fucking. week. this store is 20 minutes away from me, I was spending more on the gas to be there than I was even making, when I’d brought it up to either managers they both said the same shit “yea yeah the schedules are just still getting written so we’ll figure it out” yeah fucking right. so that’s when I let the call ins start raining. didn’t quit, but if they’re going to try and cut me off like that, I’ll prolong it, I worked one four hour shifts and then called in one of them, no call no showed two and after that I decided fuck those piece of shits landed a new job near by and better hours. never fucking with that joke of a company again and I suggest no guest/employee ever get a red card, waste of time.

so here’s my big problem with target, both times I’ve worked there, the management was fucking laughable to put lightly and the lack of actual personal respect and well being is so disappointing and honestly discouraging to other team members. I watched the negativity completely swallow new employees there and I hope some day they get the hell out.



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  • viciousdave says:

    So true. They are disrespectful and unwilling to give you the day off for sickness or being fatigued. I have an unknown form of fatigue, somehow it isn't found how it keeps happening to me. I'm tired as hell after about 6 hours of being awake.

    • TheBoxMan says:

      Have you tried working out and doing cardio and checking your mineral/vitamin levels?

    • TargetH8r says:

      I considered I may have had some sort of exhaustion issue with my body for the longest time and then I realized waking up at 3:30 am most of the week every week probably had a decent toll on my mental/physical health. personally, I know everyone will have their own opinion my experience and story however I feel it can't be denied that target generally is not concerned about their coworkers/employees when it comes to other health issues such as mental ones.

  • TheBoxMan says:

    Been on flow team for about 2 to 3 years now. My store is definitely better than most but we do have our POS mid level management who should go jump off a cliff..

    The hours have definitely gotten more and more stingy in recent time. Ever since the data breach, the idiot CEO who wanted to appease Transgenders (hilarious backlash from that one dumbass, who didn't see that coming, was fun triggering libs on thebreakroom forums though), and then the wages jump was another shit storm. Now hours are so stingy that backroom gets so full of shit that needs to be back stocked that they HAVE to set aside hours just to deal with the massive amount of shit back there. There was so much shit that the flow team couldn't even unload a truck and had to set alot of stuff out on the floor just so we could get a truck moving. Its now standard to see 2 or 3 at most people doing the work of 4 to 6 in the back.

    The company is one of those fake ass trendy liberal bunch of assholes who tell you they care about you but then will rape you as soon as they can. Much like an abusive boyfriend. Just think of Target (or liberals in general) as abusive boyfriends. They tell you they love you and care about you but then at first chance they beat the fuck out of you and call you names.

    I have seen for awhile how people get treated. People who try to go above and beyond the call of duty get taken advantage of consistently. Its modus operandi to take a team member that works hard and to put a carrot on a stick in front of them in order to fool them into working more and harder.

    Heres a protip, you won't move up in this system without a college degree and even then any movement will probably be laterally. Target loves to hire outside people so if you spend anytime at a store you will find management will constantly be full of people you have never seen while the midlevel and low level people will rarely move up. I think the company sees people who go through college as "one of us" even if the degrees have no bearing on the employment.

    All that said, I have to work this job. With no real marketable skills and in a dead town with no car its either this or join the military. And if I do join it would be about 3 months before I could send money to pay the rent, atleast. For what it worth, no one chooses to do these types of jobs and they are really meant as inbetween job as you either gain skills or save up money to move on into a real career path. Thats really what unskilled labor is in the first world and how you should look at it. But yeah, Target sucks I shop at Walmart because its cheaper and because the red card is a scam.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    You make a lot of strong and consistent points similar to my experience at Target, however I cannot take you seriously. Being fired for multiple no call no shows indicates to me you lack maturity and a real sense of responsibility. You had work the next day, but decided to go out late anyways? COME ON..............

    • Silverfox says:

      Doesn't sound like he has a sense of responsibility at all. Surprised target rehired him.

      • TargetH8r says:

        again, mostly my point was that I was so sick of the job I literally would have rather been fired for not showing up than actually showing up. and I didn't get fired twice, left and didn't go back this time around. I'm actually really prideful in my work and very responsible about my work, but how am I supposed to be proud and responsible for a job I have no more energy or desire to work? I understand your point as well though.


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