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November 4, 2014 - FrustratedAndConfused

My First Job

Okay, so I graduated high school early and thought, “I shop at target all the time, so why not work there?” ┬áThe first job interview I had, they had me wait for an hour and during the time two employees asked me if I was sure I wanted to work there. When they actually conducted my interview, I had to leave because I had other plans. They called me back and did the interview again, this time someone at Starbucks mentioned how horrible management at target is. I was called in AGAIN so they could offer me a position. Instead, they just threw me in soft lines when I had put in my application I wanted starbucks. During orientation the woman spent so much time talking about an app that she skipped the lunch break and half the things in the handbook. Plus, she kept us over two hours late. The next day, I was supposed to train with someone and she already went home. They messed up on two schedules for me and had to give me a new one. People kept forgetting about me so I went from fitting room, to grocery, to carts, and back. They worked me right up until my class (which they knew about) and I have to go in today and do it again. I’ve already been there a few days and I can tell the management sucks.


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  • Silverfox says:

    they were trying to steer you away from hell. The two employees were thinking of your welfare. They did not want you to get sucked into the shithole that tarshit is. You should have ran the moment they said are you sure you wanted to work there. That was the first hint that target is a shithole. You should have listened to their warnings and ran like hell away from tarshit. Looks like you didn't take their hint and got sucked into the hellhole.

    • Silverfox says:

      P.S Are you having fun yet? Are you wishing you had listened to their hint hint warning yet?

      • FrustratedAndConfused says:

        I know I should have listened. And no, I'm not having fun. I'm getting trained everywhere EXCEPT where I applied for. I'm already wishing I could quit.

        • Silverfox says:

          oh well, they did their best to warn you to run as fast as you can. Oh and be glad they didn't put you in starbucks. Because they'll be breaking the starbucks corporate rules. People have reported stuck closing on their own and opening on their own when the starbucks employee handbook clearly says no one is supposed to open on their own or close on their own. Oh and the special promotions starbucks does from time to time? The happy frappino hour? Some people have reported doing those alone when in corporate they have a entire team of extra people scheduled just to handle the extra traffic.


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