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  • November 20, 2014 - L.kitty17

    Seasonal Employee Training Rant

    I just started a seasonal position in hardlines (I think. They said hardlines but all my training has been in softlines.) I overheard one of my other team members say they minimized the training for seasonal employees, but my training almost seems nonexistent. The only decent training I had was on registrars, and the other trainers just hand me stuff to reshop for them. The day after my first day they had me work a full shift without a trainer, but I was so confused and I honestly didn’t know what I was doing. My other team members always seem annoyed when I ask for help. This is my first job too.

  • November 4, 2014 - FrustratedAndConfused

    My First Job

    Okay, so I graduated high school early and thought, “I shop at target all the time, so why not work there?” ┬áThe first job interview I had, they had me wait for an hour and during the time two employees asked me if I was sure I wanted to work there. When they actually conducted my interview, I had to leave because I had other plans. They called me back and did the interview again, this time someone at Starbucks mentioned how horrible management at target is. I was called in AGAIN so they could offer me a position. Instead, they just threw me in soft lines when I had put in my application I wanted starbucks. During orientation the woman spent so much time talking about an app that she skipped the lunch break and half the things in the handbook. Plus, she kept us over two hours late. The next day, I was supposed to train with someone and she already went home. They messed up on two schedules for me and had to give me a new one. People kept forgetting about me so I went from fitting room, to grocery, to carts, and back. They worked me right up until my class (which they knew about) and I have to go in today and do it again. I’ve already been there a few days and I can tell the management sucks.

  • November 10, 2013 - Taylor_167

    Chances of getting cross trained

    My 90 day eval is coming up next week I’m so nervous. I dealt with a rude customer a while ago which really upset me and they knew that…afraid they won’t wanna keep me around.I’m a cashier and I’ve managed to get 5 red cards in the course of 3 months. I’m not exactly sure what my conversion is. Anyways, what do I expect at a 90 day evaluation? I’m so nervous! I really wanna be cross trained! How can I achieve that?!