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September 15, 2014 - honeybeeans

lazy store cross-trains to avoid training and hiring

Quick question, do you guys have separate teams for each department? Because I’ve started off on Flow a year ago and I’ve slowly been cross-trained for Market/PFresh, Backroom, Price Change/Accuracy, Signing, Operator, In-Stocks, and Chargebacks. Basically, I start my day on Flow and then my second shift consists of any of the above listed. Every other Target I’ve been to (in CA) has a separate team for each department, I’m honestly confused by it and a little jealous. I HATE working dayside; the dayside TMs have this crazy idea that Flow doesn’t actually do anything so they tend to leave their messes for us the next morning on top of throwing the truck/restocking.

It’s also become painfully clear that the LOD/STL/ETL don’t even know how to pull for a guest let alone an actual batch so they absolutely need at least one person from Backroom Flow to stay during the day. Most of the time, my second shift consists of doing all the bullshit hardline stuff along with keeping track of myFA/guest pulls while backstocking/ pulling/pushing CAFs because the hardlines TL didn’t call anyone to come in during the day so they have a newbie closing and the TL is too good to push the front of the line so he/she just stands around talking to the ETLs. It’s sad and embarrassing knowing that I know the store better than the person that’s supposed to be ‘leading’ me but i still get paid half what they get for doing their job.  I actually used to feel proud to be on Flow because the store constantly relied on our help and we maintained steady sales but now it’s become a fucking nightmare working for these whiny ass manbabies.


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  • OverworkedUnderpaid says:

    It's my store the Flow team all needs to be fired. Every last one of them. Putting things on the shelf with packing material still on...cardboard that clearly says "Remove product, do not place on floor in corrugate" still attached, overstocking, taking their sweet time doing anything, not putting things in the right spot, not bothering to check second locations etc. Like....seriously? It's not that hard to take the bubble wrap off of something.

    Other than that though, your situation sounds a lot like mine. Just yesterday I was scheduled Electronics (thank God.) but I also ended up doing Flow, Plano, Instocks, Pricing, Backroom, GSA, Hardlines, Guest Service, AP.....and I think that was it.....because people from each of those work centers can't do their job correctly.


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