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April 24, 2014 - LODSaretheMissingLink

I wanted to share this story…

Well friends, as you know I have been out of red shirt and khakis for roughly 3 months now, and I don’t regret it for a second. However I still have all the funny memories.. the GSTL not letting me go to spend time with my dying grandmother, the LOD telling me I can’t go to her funeral without having it held against me, the butthurt customers raging at me for trying to sell them REDCards, the “cleaning up” Dollar Spot by just tossing shit on the shelves. Ohh Target, how I hate you.

There is one memory from this store that still makes me laugh out loud when it comes to mind…


It was Christmas Eve, 10 o’clock: closing time, but I and some other Target slaves stayed until 11 to clean and put candy by the check-out lanes and shit. A little before 10 P.M. I was finishing checking out a few last minute shoppers when a customer comes to my lane. He had a basket full of shit because he, like all the other morons, decided it would be a good idea to grab all these gifts at the last possible minute. Okay.. so I get done checking him out and he goes back into the aisles and leaves his basket with some other baskets.. the baskets that contain abandoned merchandise.


Uh oh. Yep you know where this is going..


So fast forward 30 minutes: he’s literally the last person in the store aside from the employees and he walks up to me (I’m cleaning the conveyor belts at this point) “WHERE’S MY SHIT??” he’s freaking out because the abandon baskets were taken away and I’m like “Sir, calm down, okay, we can review the security footage to find out where your stuff w-” “NO. NO I WANT MY SHIT RIGHT NOW. WHERE’S MY SHIT I WANT IT RIGHT NOW” The guy was really fucking belligerent.  Anyway I’m trying to explain to him that we can find his shit and he shakes his head and walks off to find his shit.. The store is now CLOSED. So AP are telling him “Sir the store is closed you have to leave” and he’s fucking MAD. They had to run after him because he was going back down the aisles to find his shit and was not listening to them.


So a few seconds later he starts walking toward the exit and AP are following him out. At this point I’m walking an abandoned empty basket back to the entrance where he’s leaving (we keep the baskets right there where you enter/exit). He’s so mad he’s like “Fucking bastards. It’s supposed to be CHRISTMAS.. you FUCKERS.” and then he cried loudly; like he literally said “boo hoo hoo”. He’s also crying as he’s saying this shit. What makes me laugh is that as he was saying this I started laughing loudly because he was so upset and the other employees joined in. What’s really funny is I looked over at the store TL who was with some other higher-ups 10 feet away standing around a PDA and he’s also chuckling guiltily and he looked at me like “Target Slave #006745 you know you shouldn’t have laughed at him XD.”


It just seems funny to me we all laughed at his misfortune. This was one of those instances where everyone at the store was able to show their true colors because it was just one guy and I was just glad the store TL didn’t get mad at me. I imagine that guy went home and got on Facebook like “FUCKING TARGET STOLE MY SHIT AND LAUGHED AT ME THIS IS BULLSHIT” lol. That or he killed himself. Either way, I was laughing till the end of my shift… Made an Amazing Moment for that guy for sure.



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  • disgusted says:

    Nothing is more true or exactly "on the ball" then the stories that hit the website here today.

    The ONLY thing that will make things change at all at tarshit, is for people to stop spending money there. Until this happens,, the bullshit will continue and gregg and his cronies in Minneapolis will just keep raking in the green stuff and laughing. everyone must stop spending money at tarshit, it is the only language these morons understand.


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