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December 3, 2012 - TargetSucks

I got let go today yaaa

What a joke yeah I have.bad attendance some days I wake up and feel so miserable about the shit money im about to go give my soul for I can’t make my self go. The bull shit is I had back problems that started my bad work ethics n they new that yet that gets btought up, ok even still I am one of the few who has a normal set schedule so when they change it all up on me one day I got a no call no show n another I was an hour late. And they sure want me to come in on a day off and worj late to make up for it but it doesn’t mean shit because they still hold it against you. Nothing like getting fired n in the same sentence being told ur a great guy n hard worker but it’s target policy to do it! Well hope they enjoy the r*****s they have been replacing everyone with! Fuck you brier creek raleigh nc target


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  • Angry_Bastard says:

    That was hard to read, because you can't type worth a fuck. Why the fuck do you feel like you have to phone text type for a place like this? Anyway, you got fired because YOU fucked up, you whiny prick. We all have our problems, of course, but if we have jobs to do, we get up and do them. I fucking hated being the cart attendant to the point of homicidal rage, but I went to work every day that I held the spot.

    Don't think you're special because you were told that you're a "great guy and a hard worker". It's generic and a lot of people hear it, even the fuckers who have shitty ethics and eventually end up getting shit-canned, like yourself.

  • takemethere says:

    I actually read your comment backwards and I understand


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