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  • December 3, 2012 - TargetSucks

    I got let go today yaaa

    What a joke yeah I have.bad attendance some days I wake up and feel so miserable about the shit money im about to go give my soul for I can’t make my self go. The bull shit is I had back problems that started my bad work ethics n they new that yet that gets btought up, ok even still I am one of the few who has a normal set schedule so when they change it all up on me one day I got a no call no show n another I was an hour late. And they sure want me to come in on a day off and worj late to make up for it but it doesn’t mean shit because they still hold it against you. Nothing like getting fired n in the same sentence being told ur a great guy n hard worker but it’s target policy to do it! Well hope they enjoy the r*****s they have been replacing everyone with! Fuck you brier creek raleigh nc target