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June 7, 2015 - willowfield82


i am a current employe at target. does anyone know of/about ‘the walk of shame’

because i think they are gonna do that to me, and I’m afraid of going back to work.

past recent days at work have been so sketch, and i just realized how different this week has been. please, someone read this and comment


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  • badbuck says:

    The Walk of Shame usually happens when an employee is caught stealing either merchandise or money out of the registers. If you didn't do either one then they want put you through that.

    • TargetMinion says:

      I agree, if you didn't steal anything you should be fine. The only other concern would be if you're under your 90 days. If you are still in that probationary period they could let you go for bullshit reasons.


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