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August 23, 2015 - Benmeister

Getting Yelled At for Complete B.S.

I’m a back room team member at our location.  Recently I came in to close, not knowing what I was walking in to.  The TL tells me as he’s about to clock out: “Oh yeah, check for online orders would ya?”  I look and there’s 8 orders, as much as 4 hours overdue.  I end up trying to keep up with the angry guests waiting for their merchandise all night.  I also get written up for not getting the back room clean.  Also the TL on duty that night spread rumors that I’m a slacker.  Is this guy stupid or just trying to cover his ass?  Either way, see ya target.  I’m tired of bull shit.


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  • viciousdave says:

    What is Targets number one priority? The people, of course, the guests as they want to call them which I think is a wrong name because guests are people at hotels while customers are the people who buy goods. Stupid target not understanding the meaning of words. Basically you have done what the others were suppose to do before you, but they were the ones who were too lazy to do it, not you. And one person can't do 5 different things at the same time, what they think that we have 8 arms like an octopus? We don't, we're human, so target yes piss off nobody can do everything at once, it takes time. Notice that target or take a slap of shame to the face.

  • Silverfox says:

    honestly tarshit should fix their problems down in the states before attempting to expand up anywhere. They learned the hard way Canadians were not gonna take headquarters arrogance and stupidity.

  • thecaptainberto says:

    Dude I feel you on that I work in the backroom and I always have to do the job of like 5 other people and get yelled at because a) I'm not going fast enough? (When I'm the fastest worker there on record) b) why I didn't do this when I just barely got there and how the fuck should I have known.. I'm honestly getting real tired for getting spat on for doing more than I should shit is frustrating put in my two weeks though. Because complaining to HR doesn't do shit..


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