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November 18, 2014 - mrsirsir

Fuck Black Friday and fuck target and all retail

So for most of my life I never really cared about Black Friday. Now after a year at target I realized something. People get taken away from family just for assholes who want 5 bucks off a flat screen. People have died at Black Friday from being trampled peoples bones have been broken. My manager 8 years ago got knocked over and he’s a tall guy. He dislocated his knee and couldn’t work for 8 months. And why? Because of assholes who want 4 bucks off of tampons. The thought of Black Friday makes me so angry. I thought about this in the comfort of my room for an hour. I hate the thought of Black Friday. When I leave target I will never attend a Black Friday for any reason. Guest are fuckin annoying enough but when you pull me away from my family when you pull hardworkers away from there kids. I just can’t stand the thought. I straight up told my team lead etl and manager “schedule me on Black Friday period and I will call in” they didn’t listen and well if they fire me that’s there problem. My best wishes to everyone who has to sit through a wave of assholes. I needed this out of my system


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  • cashier says:

    I was complaining about the same thing today actually. All this chaos over "must-have" deals, why don't most people just do Black Friday shopping online? People can usually find better deals that way without killing someone, and at the same time not burden those who have to work that day with any unnecessary bullshit.

  • Silverfox says:

    lol why bother when boxing day deals are probably better?

  • targetblows14 says:

    Seriously. Target is the absolute worst on BF. I saw this website that said people had actually DIED on BF at Target. The deals arent even that great for the most part. Its a scam.

    See for yourself!

    Absolutely ridiculous! Fuck BF and FUCK TARGET


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