Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

August 31, 2013 - FATMANSAYSHAHA

Drive for better hourly for employees!!!!

It was on the news tonight that nationwide a lot of fast food workers are striking since minimum wage sucks, their shitty hours suck, and also the benefits are bad for part time folks as well.

Think if a lot of the folks that work for this company would grow a back bone and went on strike to drive for better pay, hours and benefits it will get the message across to those who want to steal from us to better themselves and we get nothing!!!!!

If enough people do it what are they going to do fire a whole store?

Too bad for them!!!!!


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  • buymeamovie1st says:

    First of all to hell with the burger flippers wanting 15 a hour thats bullshit, second having worked at that hell hole if I would have had 35-40 hours LIKE I WAS HIRED FOR the pay would have meant SOMETHING but at 16 hours a week? NO. Sorry ladies but hardlines should get more a hour than you, I mean folding clothes all night and chatting in the dressing room is hard and all...Electronics should get the most on the floor. Target is just cheap. because if the store makes hours than the ETLS get bonuses and the manager, and the regional, and the district..

    • TeamLeadsSuck says:

      Burger flippers should be the ones making $8 an hour, not us. So yeah they should get an increase. But not 15 an hour. WE SHOULD BE MAKING THAT! I've been working at Target for years and I never saw a raise.
      To Fatman: What makes you think Target would care if we striked? Our hours are dismal! So they lose the few employees with a SPINE that are willing to stick up for a living wage? So what?
      They'll just have a thousand more applicants who are tryhard kissasses with no spine at all. LODs, STLs and TLs do NOT like people with a backbone. We strike, they lose nothing. I wish it was the other way around.


    Even 40 hrs a week at 8 bucks an hour blows, I made that 10 years ago when I had just got out of high school.

    Second, if you hit them hard enough they would notice, just like in CA with the 2 law suits that are currently running.

    1 aginst a store, and the other came from the DC.

    Thats the problem now a days people have no back bone and let places like Target steam roll them and won't stand for whats right or fair.

    Bet your ass if this was good ol days the stuff they get away with would not happen.


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