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November 5, 2016 - BBisWatchingAll

Doesn’t “no” mean NO…

So, weren’t we taught in this society that “no” means “no?” I thought so until today when I was pulled aside and “reminded” that when up-selling the RedCard to guest that if they say no initially, that I;m supposed to keep badgering them anyway!!! So, here’s my spiel…Hi, will this be on your RedCard today, “no”….Would you like to apply and save fucking (just kidding) 5% today and every time you shop” Guest…”NO”, ┬áThat’s fine, your total is….

But wait, I’m supposed to keep at them and What? offer them a blowjob, 70% off their purchase, free gas siphoned out of my gas tank in the parking lot?? WHAT?

I thought that “no thank you” (and that’s the polite response) meant that NO. We tell women that No means No, not “Aw come on baby, give it up anyway…”

This being said, I mostly enjoy my job as a cashier…Can hardly wait for the black Friday crap…it will be an experience for sure (my first). Guess you can say I’ll get my Black Friday cherry popped!

To all my fellow cashiers out there…hang in there and take it all in stride. It’s just retail and I guarantee they won’t fire you until after Jan 1! God Bless!~



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  • viciousdave says:

    No means no and if target doesn't understand that they have some bad brains indeed! Also, the red card is the only thing saving there ass cause there losing profit. They're losing profit because guests are saving with coupons, cartwheel and the red card. A person saves an average of $20 dollars every purchase, oh I wonder why target is losing profit and lowering hours for me and all my stores employees. Oh right, not enough money made, everybody is with $20 or more savings on there stuff thus no profit most days. Profit was always $13 to $15,000 a day in my store as GSTLs told us. Now target makes close to $10,000 a day per store because of so many ways to save money.

  • TibbarTarghetto says:

    the manufacturer coupons actually make our stores money believe it or not. The store gets paid by the product manufacturer the face value of the coupons plus 8 cents.
    So even if the guest presents a 3.00 coupon on a 2.00 item and the system reduces the coupon to 2.00 to avoid overage, Target still gets 3.08 back for that sale.
    I just hate the "moneymaker" couponers who stroll in and do transaction after transaction using all the gift cards they get from the deals... It's pathetic and holds up everything. Whole carts of shampoo so I can ring 3, take coupons, scan cartwheel, give gift card over and over but they only paid me like 3.41 cash out of their pocket... Frustrating for me and guests who get behind them with one thing...
    I don't know if I should or could ask the idiot with a cart full of shit to step aside so I can quickly get guest with screaming child and 1 pack of diapers out of the store??

  • poohbear80 says:

    This is why I was shocked that target brought self checkout to where I live. Now a customer never has to be bothered to sign up for a red card again if they choose not to, it's great.

  • Silverfox says:

    according to trump, no doesn't mean no anymore.


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