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  • November 5, 2016 - BBisWatchingAll

    Doesn’t “no” mean NO…

    So, weren’t we taught in this society that “no” means “no?” I thought so until today when I was pulled aside and “reminded” that when up-selling the RedCard to guest that if they say no initially, that I;m supposed to keep badgering them anyway!!! So, here’s my spiel…Hi, will this be on your RedCard today, “no”….Would you like to apply and save fucking (just kidding) 5% today and every time you shop” Guest…”NO”, ┬áThat’s fine, your total is….

  • October 30, 2016 - this shit sucks

    not even 2 months

    so i’ve been working at target as a cashier for about a month now. from the get go, i already had a bad feeling. i didn’t get shit for training. they threw me at an empty register with a booklet and told me to read through it, and to turn on my lane light if i needed help. any time i needed help, any of the supervisors that came to help me were just a fucking asshole about it and treated me like i was an idiot. (they still do if i occasionally need help)

  • June 26, 2016 - collegeguy23

    The true Target work Experience

    I started working at Target in September as a cashier and it seemed great at first. Had great coworkers and management who knew and understood that this was a weekend job while I was at college. About 2 months I started noticing signs of stress and fatigue. That I no longer enjoyed coming in and that mangers would stress about the littlest of things. That some things that weren’t cleaned weren’t perfect and that we weren’t selling enough red cards. I thought whatever because I was consistent on sales, speed and guest experience surveys. Eventually it became all about redcards. That the guest nor their experience rarely mattered as long as there was ┬áred card sell.

  • April 26, 2016 - dianarose

    cant sell redcards/mental health

    ok so ive worked for target for about 2 months now, and everything is pretty chill most of the time since i live in a smaller town so redcards arent super pushed. But they still are, i still have to ask every guest, and talk about cartwheel.