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July 26, 2015 - mrsirsir

Dodging a lawsuit

OMG I can’t believe this. So on one aisle of frozen on the sales floor the freezers are leaking from the bottom. Now I didn’t know this until this moment happens.

I’m walking back from my break when I walk past the aisle I mentioned above and this lady stops me and asks me to follow her. She tells me the floor is wet and her son had just slipped on it. I look at him and his legit crying and I can see the slide mark on the floor. I’m just thinking oh lord I’m in the middle of a lawsuit as a witness (I know I’m not in any legal trouble in this but the thought scared me) so I ask her “want me to call a Manager to report this” (I almost said to sue the fuck out the store) and to my shock she said no and just asked if I could put up a warning cone. I did and proceeded to find the grocery team lead. I tell him what happened and I notice these absorbent sponges or some shit I don’t know. They were soaked wet and they were not replaced. So he says to forget about he will handle it but fuck it I was so mad that it happened. I call the store manager ask her to meet me in private in backroom. I explain what happened and she said she was not aware of it at all. So again drags me to the current lod etl over AP. She asks him did he know anything about it and he says yes (my mind immediately just said oh shit) so the manager asks why she was not informed and he has no answer. He trys to pass the blame off to the team lead but that didn’t work out. Have you ever heard of an etl getting written up??? That actually happened here.

Ugh as much as I would love to see target get the shit sued out of them I care about safety if the guests and my team. I hated that incident so much. Lucky nobody smart walked by and faked an injury they got the one lady who was kind enough not to sue… yeah she should’ve sued


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  • viciousdave says:

    I had a lady who fell right before I got to work, I turned on my light, waited a few minutes, turned around and a woman was sitting on the floor. So I went over and asked oh what happened are you all right? She said oh yeah I'm fine, just slipped for no reason didn't drasticly fall down and hurt myself, just a slow fall so I could control myself without getting hurt. I said would you like a hand at getting up, she said yeah please, we held hands, I was about to get he up, ETL comes by and says oh no emergency red. I said, she's fine though, she even told me she's fine and she's perfectly ok that I help her up. ETL says that dosn't matter, anyone falls it's an emergency! WHAT? Hello, the lady doesn't want an ambulance, she doesn't need it!!!!!!!! She doesn't want to pay the bullshit fees to the hospital! HELLO!!!!!! ETL, ask the lady questions before anything of emergency matters. MY FUCKING GOD! What a dumbass bitch of a ETL. The lady was old but still said I do not want to go to hosptial at all, I am fine, stop the emergency crap!


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