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August 3, 2012 - Hate_Me

Clusterfucked With A Fist Up Their Ass (Enough Cussing?)

I quit Target almost a year ago, but my passionate hatred for this hellish company still pulses like a writhing demon inside of my body. Okay, it’s not quite THAT dramatic, but I do fucking hate Target with a good chunk of my cold heart. I quit because I was sick of retards who call themselves “leaders” wandering around, poking their PDA in an attempt to look busy, all the while telling us what to do because they had no idea how to do it themselves. That, or they were too fucking lazy.

I am going to college now to major in Forensic Science, with a minor in Criminal Justice. I won’t lie; one of my hopes is that I’ll eventually stumble upon a former boss as the victim in a crime scene. But I digress…I started working at Target because of their flexible schedule, allowing for me to attend college without much fuss.

I met my now-husband at Target. He is the “Signing Guy” as I call him, since Target’s wishy-washy ways cause Team Members’ titles to be changed at the drop of a hat so that the corporation has a good excuse to cap out people at even lower wage limits. My husband has busted his ass for Target for almost 6 years now. Thankfully, he’ll be leaving as soon as we relocate to accommodate my college studies. However, as of now, he remains a slave to the industry.

He has found the wonderful feeling that all jaded Target employees eventually discover: the feeling of not giving a shit anymore. It’s amazing, and if you haven’t yet reached that point, you will. So he strives for mediocrity these days, gets paid, and we get by just fine. It works out, and Target is too lazy to realize that their signing guy has ceased to give a shit.

Anyways, a woman at my husband’s store has worked there for 20 years. I have no idea what the hell she does, since I really don’t care. But from what I knew of her when we worked together, the bosses liked her. And I’m sure that somewhere, deep down inside of their soulless bodies, there was an inkling of their hearts that appreciated what she did. Not that they’d bother writing her a Great Team Card or anything… Anyways, this lady finally decided she’d had enough of the Target Bi-polar Coaster and put in her two-week notice.

Meanwhile, enter: intern. This straight-out-of-college, green-as-grass “woman” was working with the ETL’s of the store here to learn all about the happy, culture-iffic world of Target. She interned for two whopping months before corporate found a place for her elsewhere.

Just so happens that Intern Lady and Twenty-Year Lady are leaving on the same day. Coincidence. What do the Store Team Lead and other ETL’s do? What any heartless asshole would do: throw a going away party for the intern, and not even spit at the Twenty-Year Lady as she headed out the door. Not that anyone REALLY wants to be the center of attention at some stupid-ass target going away party, but my point here is this…

Target placed more value on an intern who’d worked there all of 60 days than the hard-working, gray-haired slave of twenty years. So if you’re on here, bitching about how unfair Target is, and how they don’t even give you the courtesy of a reach-around as they fuck you up the ass, just remember: you matter to someone…….just not Target.

Just wanted to bitch. I’m done now.


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