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  • December 23, 2013 - FATMANSAYSHAHA

    Target Got What It deserves

    So I don’t know if any of you people been watching the news but the dow jones @ wall street reported that Target had been hit with malicious software on their computers and so black Friday to that same Monday peoples credit card info etc has been compromised by the security breach. When the local news channel contacted Target they did not respond.


  • I quit Target almost a year ago, but my passionate hatred for this hellish company still pulses like a writhing demon inside of my body. Okay, it’s not quite THAT dramatic, but I do fucking hate Target with a good chunk of my cold heart. I quit because I was sick of r*****s who call themselves “leaders” wandering around, poking their PDA in an attempt to look busy, all the while telling us what to do because they had no idea how to do it themselves. That, or they were too fucking lazy.

    I am going to college now to major in Forensic Science, with a minor in Criminal Justice. I won’t lie; one of my hopes is that I’ll eventually stumble upon a former boss as the victim in a crime scene. But I digress…I started working at Target because of their flexible schedule, allowing for me to attend college without much fuss.

    I met my now-husband at Target. He is the “Signing Guy” as I call him, since Target’s wishy-washy ways cause Team Members’ titles to be changed at the drop of a hat so that the corporation has a good excuse to cap out people at even lower wage limits. My husband has busted his ass for Target for almost 6 years now. Thankfully, he’ll be leaving as soon as we relocate to accommodate my college studies. However, as of now, he remains a slave to the industry.

    He has found the wonderful feeling that all jaded Target employees eventually discover: the feeling of not giving a shit anymore.