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October 7, 2013 - FATMANSAYSHAHA

Buh Bye #1535

So I put in my 2 weeks notice today at the store that I was working at. Haven’t been in there for a minute it seems and I only recognized a few of the people whom I used to work with.

So glad that I no longer work there. No more games, no more drama.

So they had some of the laziest people at that store. A girl who was in school and would need to go home and study and the Etl would let her, Really? Then guess who got stuck having to work over in her area since it looked like a big ass pile.

I don’t have to deal with an etl w ego trip that would attempt to bully you to stay because they made a bad management decision and let someone else go home early. Especially if you were scheduled to go home @ 10pm but forced to stay to 10:30 or 11. Sorry but that is complete and utter disrespect. Ask don’t force people.

No more filling milk and ice due to lazy workers not doing it on their shifts.

No more harassment if I didn’t get a bunch of red cards. Especially for those who had all their friends and family come in to ramp their numbers to a ridiculous percentage of conversion.

A tip of advice with Target if you make an agreement with a  manager or hr person get it in writing or they will try to pin you to the wall. Never have I had to go and try to fix an issue several times due to an agreement I made because they didn’t communicate it.

The HR hotline for team members is a waste of time. The lady was rude and all she cared about is the companies well fare not in any interest for the team member.

Buh Bye #1535 Best of luck with all the new meat for the meat grinder.



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  • viciousdave says:

    That store sure sounds like crap. At mine we still have most of our originals still. Like about 75% is still the normals for years. TLs and LODs have changed a lot though, and some new cashiers and cart attendants. They push the shit about that red card crap on us also. Although they are nice about asking if you want to stay for more hours. They ask, not push like your store. Damn if that happened to me I'd instantly say no and I wouldn't do it. Pretty much the only thing that sucks about my store is the stupid push for red cards and guests who are cheap with horrible yelling over the stupidest $1 dollar difference crap.


    I was done with it when I got my nine cent raise and shitty review from my last store.

    1535= Galveston, TX
    2255= Washington, MO

    However, one of the worst things about 1535 is a port store so people are always there trashing it, drove me nuts.


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