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  • Where the fuck do I begin? Maybe I’ll start with my worthless ass Team leads who seem to always forget what they told you to do 3 minutes ago? Nah because 2 out of the 6 of them were cool. Maybe I’ll start with my Snitch ass coworkers who loaf all fucking day causing a back jam in work? Nah that’s too easy.. How bout I start with the bullshit reason I got let go? Yeah I’ll start there… Perfect. Grab your Popcorn and juju beez and large beverage for this one.. Little over 3 months ago 2 co workers of mines named Renell 25 and ex-con Terrence 47 (who loves to tell everybody he did 8 years) got into a shouting match almost coming to blows. After a 2 week investigation the 2 workers are back on schedule with a final warning I guess..

  • January 3, 2015 - TargetIsTheNewWalmart

    A question to former employees about W-2s

    So I haven’t worked at Target in close to a year now. It’s a long story for those of you who are new to this site but long story short it’s a very stupid reason. It was a blessing in disguise though. Anyways tax season is upon us. I’d like to get a head start on filing my taxes so I can go back to school and earn my degree I was working hard for. I am very determined to go back, but filing a FAFSA requires tax info from the previous year. So Id like to know from former employees if they got their final W2 from Target on time or if Target was a bully about it. I know it is illegal to not give a former employee their W2 but Target strikes me as the type of company that would be a bully about it and mail it to you late or worse.

  • January 12, 2013 - screwthisshit85

    So long Target, you bitch

    As predicted I have been “let go” at the end of the season despite always showing up for work, never making any trouble, always being on time, always being polite to the “guest,” and complying with all of the ridiculous demands of the TLs, GSAs, GSTLs, LODs and everyone else with a power complex and nothing better to do then harass the other team members. I can’t say I’m too sad to have been let go though, because honestly this has to have been one of the worst job experiences I have ever had.

    I loved knowing that every time I went into work somebody else was going to get on my ass for not following a rule for a job that I had never been trained on. I also loved knowing that all the team leads and GSTL’s were going to treat me like I was a moronic misbehaving child in front of the customers despite having done nothing wrong. Watching all of the team leads and their favorite team members get together and make fun of the other team members like they were still in fucking middle school was always a treat. And it’s great that my competency was what made the team leads hate me but also give me all the extra tasks at the same time.