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April 12, 2015 - solessupremacy

4 hour week

I worked at softlines for 1 year in which I got 15 hour weeks ( even though i had full availability) and 30 hours during December. This year my hours declined from 15 to 10 and to 4. I had to beg my ETL for hours, after asking 3 times, i was given 10 hours a week. I found this very insulting to me as i had to come 2 days a week for 4 or 5 hours each day. I felt that my stupid ETL never recognized or awarded my hard work . I never asked for a thank you or a raise, I simply asked for more hours. I’m a college student and I found it impossible to pay for the most basic essentials with $ 120 monthly paychecks.

This is when I used to get 6-7 hour shifts(2x a week):

Working at Target was the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life, on any regular day, I would do all the batches by myself because my team was full of women and they never bothered to do them. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and Sign Language, so I was always being called to help a tom of “guest”. I was one of the best at getting red cards while at the register so I would be called 4-8 times for back upĀ  in about 1 hour. My stupid ETL loved to have 1 fitting room attendant and 2, literally 2 people on the whole soft lines sales floor for a Super Target. So yes, I had to do zone and put strays for the shoes, men’s, boy’s, k-block, infants, and girl’s department while my “teammate” did the lingerie, ready to wear, clearance, and jewelry. Along with that I had to do about 5-10 batches by myself, help guest, take things out of the backroom and carry them out, occasionally go pick up carts, constant back up, pick up strays every hour, and of course clean the bathrooms- both men’s and women’s.

I beg you not to work at Target for a minimum wage and a ton of hard work that simply doesn’t pay off.


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  • viciousdave says:

    It's sure horrible for me too right now. I have the opposite problem though. I get tired easily and fast and have many health problems yet my Target keeps giving me 38 to 40 hour work weeks. I feel like I'm just gonna die most of the time. I have anemia (slow blood flow blocked from brain tumor) and a cut out cerebellum of my brain so balance ain't so good either. Target sucks ass, they are all about money and keeping there customers. That's bullshit for business. What's best for business is the employees to keep happy and healthy because without the employees a business will fail faster than loosing customers. If there are no employees, there is no one to help customers.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    Shit if you seriously speak 3 languages plus sign language, wtf are you doing working for this shitty company when you could easily get a much higher paying job, even if it's part time. It seems Tarshit wants its employees to starve and struggle to keep a roof over their heads. They give hours to those who don't want them and few to those who need them. When I was there my paychecks would be no more than like $270 every pay period if that.

    • rainprincess64 says:

      Oops hit enter before I wanted to lol. Anyways, get out ASAP before you also lose your mind and your life. With the way things are going for this company right now, I won't be surprised to see them fall eventually but sadly not soon enough....


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