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December 15, 2012 - lefrenchbunny

wtf? seriously? target fires pregnant women without batting an eye

So I made it to two months of employment at this hell hole of a store.

I was hired in October as a deli production team member. This is where the bullshit begins. I had applied as a cashier but was convinced to accept a deli position under the impression (lying by omission) that this position was not seasonal and was full time. Later on I was informed that basically “everyone is seasonal since you all start on a 90 day probation”. Fair enough. Little do they tell you that’s just code for they can fire you for any and no reason.

I took the position and was assured if I felt uncomfortable I could always ask to change my department. Okay, great. Not. They began to work me to death immediately. Long days. Many days in a row. Little days off. i thought things were going well. I was working the same pace as my peers. I was happy. Then I got my performance review. I was told I was “too slow” and “not engaging the guests enough” but that if I improved i stood a chance. So I tried harder. I thought things were going well.

approximately one month after my hire I found out I was expecting. My fiance and i were overjoyed. Still are. I told my coworkers and my leaders. Then i got called in for coaching. Once again the “you’re too slow” speech. I told my lead that i was fatigued because im pregnant. I was assured that she would help me and find me a department where i would he able to take it easy until my baby was born.

Apparently the name of that department is unemployment. Because just a couple days later i was called to the office and told i was being let go because i couldn’t keep up. No regard to the fact im pregnant and my fiance and i are struggling financially already. No regard to my medical needs, or insurance needs. Or the wellbeing of the new life im bringing into the world 7 months from now.

target sucks. If you know the right clique you get kept even of you have performance issues. If you dont know the right clique, it doesn’t matter if you’re a good person trying your best to make an honest living. They dont care about you. You’re dirt to them.

All i can say is if you’re considering applying, don’t. you’ll regret it. Thanks for destroying three lives, target. i hope one day all of the leads who treat people like me and any others in my situation have to face hard times like this themselves. Im not bitter, i just feel that’s the only way they’ll learn some empathy.

off to look for another job.

Fuck target


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  • ERROR_AM_I says:

    You may not be bitter but I am

    I'm bitter because I couldn't stick it to them first, I would have enjoyed that too much, so much I'd have to change my pants if you will.
    AWWWWW yeah dig it.

  • Jonestown says:

    Ummmm ... there are two pregnant women where I am and both are being "counseled." Interesting


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